Art Wedensday


This selection of paintings depict how I see summer.
I haven't selected famous paintings, most of these are contemporary with unknown artists.

"Wildflowers and summer" by Stephen Darbishire
 "Summer wind" by Mark Shasha
"Mount Maceden" by Peter Gerasmon
If someone asked me to describe summer in Australia - this is what I would describe, the painting says it all.  I can even smell that dry grass and eucalyptus trees.
"Summer in Masuren" by Fasani
"Surfing before a storm" by Elizabeth Moore Golding
painting by Roberta Baer
As children, we often ate fresh strawberries, picked from the garden in summer - they smelt divine!!  And occasionally as topping on Pavlova.



  1. O how beautiful Jo. Those are fabulous paintings. For a moment I was there. :-)

    You are invited to come visit our new blog.

    Mrs. A (Rosemi)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I adore the summer breeze when I am sitting on the beach! Yes we are indulging in freshly picked raspberries at the moment! The joys of summer - Praise God! xxx

  3. Yep: the smell of salt, hot sand, burnt grass & eculypt with circadas droning out any other sound. Lovely pics.

  4. Jo,

    These paintings are very colorful, beautiful, and bright. I enjoyed each one!

    By the way, what is pavlova?


    -Lady Rose

  5. These are BEAUTIFUL paintings! I especially love the strawberry one, and the windows view one. Such talent!! :) If only summer always FELT this beautiful!! (The heat sometimes kills it). :)

  6. Yes I'm with Clara on this one, don't like the heat too much but those paintings are beautiful!

  7. Joyfulmum: I did try to find a painting that showed the heat, but no possible. I am not a lover of a hot summers day. At the moment the weather has been lovely, around 25C and I find this perfect.

  8. These are the most beautiful paintings.
    Certain art has the power to calm us down and relieve stress.
    Especilly when its a picture of God's beautiful creation.


  9. Lady Rose - Pavlova is a wonderful dessert which we eat in Australia, quite often in summer. I have attached a recipe. I usually cover mine with strawberries and cream. The base is similar to a meringue but crispy on the outside and marshmallow on the inside.

  10. Oh my gosh - these are so lovely Jo! I love them all - how could I even choose. They each take me to a special place in my soul - the Wildflowers and Summer makes me want to be there at that beautiful window!

    Did you get a new kitty - Baby Charlie? I love his little white feet!


  11. No Vicki, that is Charlie as a baby, three years ago. She is now all grown up, but such a small little thing compared to Ruby who is double her size and only one hear old!!

  12. Hi Jo~love these summer pictures, especially as it is grey, cold and wet over here. I like the one with the ladies in their feminine much more lovely than the naked bodies that walk the lakes and beaches nowadays.

    Your new profile picture is very beautiful.


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