My children are grown up.  Looking after them is easy.  I fill up the pantry and they eat their way through it.  If they need new clothes I send them shopping.  If they want to go to sleep, I kiss them goodnight and off they go - if they don't go to sleep I am not very concerned.  I have free time to relax, not only for a few minutes, it could be hours.  I can go out and leave them behind, alone.  We can have long and meaningful conversations - on the phone - texting.    Of course having older children has other issues, but they are not (generally) issues that last 24/7.

Last week I spent a few days with a young new mum and I realised how simple, relaxing and peaceful my life is compared to a new mum with a bub (or two).  I had forgot the complete dependency a baby has on their mum, the fact that every job you do (while they are awake) you need to consider the baby, you can't sit and enjoy your dinner as you are very busy looking after baby's dinner (so yours goes cold), shopping requires many arms and hands and the list goes on.  Your life is simply not your own in those first few years.

So to all mums with babies and young children, you are doing a great job, excellent job in fact, and on those days when it all seems too much and you feel like everything is doing backwards don't panic, in 18 years you too will lead a quiet, peaceful life!!  But don't rush those years that are the toughest, they only come around once and it doesn't last very long. 

I will like to introduce Sarah, the baby I had the pleasure of spending a few days with and the joy of entertaining while her mum was busy doing those tricky chores that are hard to complete with a baby - wanting your attention. Sarah was a gorgeous little bub.
My next baby will, God willing, be a grandchild - the sort I can spoil and hand back!!
But not quite yet please boys.



  1. What, you don't want to be a very young grandmother??? ;)
    Isn't it interesting how life changes over the years as children grow up - I think there are various stages of dependency, but each is so different.
    You got some really good shots of Sarah! :)

  2. What a goreous baby! Wow!
    her terribly biased mother xo
    P.S. Thanks SO much for all your help, its Tuesday again, where are you now? It's time to go shopping again =)

  3. Jo,

    What a precious little girl! :)

    -Lady Rose

  4. I can so relate to this post...well 75% relate...I am still raising a four year old...good advice for all of us, and so true for new moms. The next baby around will be a grandbaby here also...I hope it won't be long.

  5. Gorgeous baby pics!
    I see my daughters doing the juggling thing and feel tired just thinking about it! We once could do that too.

  6. She's a beautiful cuddly little girl! Jo, you are so right about how much time and effort goes into caring for babies. It's easy to forget some of it as we age. But aren't they SO worth it all lol!! Gorgeous photos :-) blessings..Trish

  7. :) I feel much more relaxed now that Rebekah is 6 and half (yes the half bit counts when they're young, doesn't it!) than I did even a year or two ago. I have loved every stage though you're right those first couple of years or so are definitely tough!
    btw that baby is SO.....cute!

  8. Awwww, that baby is too cute!! Nice to hand them back though...

  9. It's funny how you go through different stages with your kids and it's hard to look back and imagine you survived them. LOL! I didn't have my second child until my daughter was 9 and it was hard to go back to diapers and such so I made sure that the 3rd one didn't come that far apart. (Like I had anything to do with it!) LOL!
    The point is to enjoy them at each and every stage.
    Have a fabulous day my friend.
    Oh and she is such a chunk. I wanted to just kiss her face!!

  10. She is adorable Jo - I bet you had a wonderful time taking care of her! You will be a wonderful grandmother - when the time comes!



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