My brain isn't quite in gear yet for writing intelligent blogs so today I thought I would share a few photos from my holidays.  These are of buildings . . . one of my favourite photographic subjects.

St. Marks Church (New South Wales)

St. Mark’s church was designed by Edmund Blacket a distinguished 19th century Sydney architect. The first section of the nave was opened in 1857; this was lengthened in 1872 and transepts were added in 1886 by Blacket's sons.

Sadly the cemetery is very overrun with weeds and in much need of repairs, however it is perfect for taking photos. Most of the  graves date from the 1850's and tell the usual story of babies dying young,  young mothers and of accidents (drownings in particular).

Adelaide Town Hall

Adelaide Town Hall was designed by Edmund Wright and Edward Woods, with construction commencing in 1863 and completed in 1866. The tower is named after Prince Albert (Queen Victoria's husband) and the clock was installed in 1935.  The tower is the only civic building outside England to house a full peal of 8 bells which are also named in honour of Prince Albert.  The stone is quite dark  (instead of the more whiter colour) at the moment, in much need of a good scrub!  The Hall is famous for an appearance by The Beatles on the balcony in 1964, which attracted an estimated 300,000 fans, their biggest crowd.

Inside is beautiful (and much cleaner!!) . . . I went to listen to the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra play the Four Seasons by Vivaldi (plus several other pieces).  Just beautiful.   




  1. Great pics Jo - and interesting to read a bit about them! Love the pic of the fence in the graveyard! :)

  2. These are fabulous - such scenery -your eye for photography is amazing. My favorites are the church and cemetary - I could spend the day there taking photos!! What a wonderful trip you had!



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