Happy Birthday

My dear son is turning 23 today

Happy Birthday Tristan

There were times when I thought you would never make it.
Life was tough and it was like climbing Mt Everest.
We did make it, you and I
We had many
tears . . . laughter . . .  anger . . .  joy

And I am so proud of you.

 A mass of blonde curls
All grown up
Self-portrait (year 6)

He has asked me to make him a "monster" cake - similar to the one I made when he was five!!!
 6 weeks old



  1. Happy Birthday, Tristan!

    You've done so well raising him, Jo. May the Lord bless you for being a faithful and good mother. :)

  2. Happy birthday to your son Jo!
    They are beautiful photos of him growing up.
    How time flies - my youngest is also 23 now :-)
    What a fun young man to want a monster birthday cake! He must be sentimental too..

  3. That's a fine, handsome lad you have there! The year 6 self pic is...long!

  4. Trish - for some reason he really remembers the monster cake I made for him and said he would love another one. I thought I was past making novelty cakes for children so I had to do some Googling to get some ideas - I am going to add green food colouring the whipped cream!! It won’t be any sort of scary monster, something nice and friendly!!

  5. Hope your son had a blessed birthday!

  6. My Tristan will be 23 in April. I found your blog through Ember and I visit Ganeida and Tania one of your followers as well.

  7. Hi Linda - thanks so much for dropping by, great to meet you. And Happy Birthday (in April) to your son and what a lovely name he has!!


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