Here is a beautiful and peaceful painting of butterflies to get your mind off the heading.

Why am I talking about spiders today

I hate spiders

especially big spiders

If one enters my home, it dies.

But there is a purpose to this story . . . for some reason, perhaps because we have an increase in bugs this summer we have many more spiders in the garden . . . not the large ugly ones (well some only a mother could love) . . . and not nasty ones.  And what is incredible about them is their webs - they are building huge webs between flowers or trees to maximize their catch. Each evening the spiders repair or rebuild their webs and wait and see what they catch, most are doing very well - they have incredible patience when you think about it.  One particular web would be similar to me building a massive bridge on my own in just a few hours . . . it is an engineering masterpiece and I can't help but marvel at the skill of webmaker.  The only time I remove webs is if they go across my paths, nothing worse than walking into a web when you don't expect it!

God has certainly created a incredible creature . . . I just wish it kept out of my house.  If we all slow down, open our eyes and look around us, we will be surprised at the magnificent beauty that God has created. So often though we miss things because it doesn't appear to be beautiful, but when we look a little closer we may be surprised just as I have been with the spider and its web.

PS After writing this I was out in the gardening moving pots about and I came across the largest Red Back I have ever seen.  It is now very dead.  I don't mess around with Red Backs as they can bite and can make a person very sick.



  1. I have been noticing a lot of large, though beautiful in their own way, webs in gardens this summer. Is that just me, or is there a need for bigger webs? Do spiders vary the size of their webs for any reason?

  2. I am not sure, but I have also noticed larger webs, perhaps because there is more insects to catch due to the wet weather? One web (the one I mention) is huge and very sophisticated – but the spider is quite small so I wouldn’t think it could eat all the insects it manages to catch.

  3. Thank you for an interesting post. God's creation certainly is beautiful I love butterflies and will maybe look at spider webs in a new light now, I too, hate walking into them. God Bless - Nita

  4. We have lots of webs, big and small around here, too. We keep sticks handy at the front door because they build webs right across the area in front of the house (between the house and tree and house and cars!)... Also, when we go for our walks in the park we take a long stick too, because those trees are favourite haunts for spiders! I've never seen so many webs, nor such bigs ones. Interesting that they're like that all over this season! One thing I wonder is that it might be because there are hardly any flies around this year at all. I can count on my fingers the amount of flies we've had in the house - and that is unheard of here, usually the house seems to have dozens of them (thanks to non-sealing rental properties). There's not many flies around outside either.
    I've taken some photos of beautiful webs this summer, too! :)

  5. Oh yes - I've noticed the much larger webs lately too!
    How interesting. It must be a seasonal / weather related thing happening.
    If a spider comes indoors here..he certainly doesn't make it outside again in one piece! Splat!
    Especially redbacks :-(
    I would make a lousy buddhist.
    bless you Jo..

  6. Jo- I am just like you- I hate spiders- I mean I hate them dead!! But- I love to look at their webs- and your photo is magnificent! Truly a spiders web is a masterpiece of engineering. I love them- as long as the spiders are not at home!

  7. I love the webs but the spiders must live outside. Hard to enforce when you have so much bush & wildlife but them's the rules.

  8. Ganeida - spiders aren't good at listening are they, many more would live if they only stayed outside!!

  9. Love this painting! WHo is the artist please? xxx


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