There is many reasons why I love blogging, both writing my own blog but also reading others.  I am often inspired by the blogs I read - they provide inspiration and one of these is Val's.   Val is a sewer, she makes beautiful clothes, she also does embroidery, lace work, crocheting... and she has inspired me to do more with my hands and as a result I have decided to make as many gifts this years as I can, rather than buying them.

So yesterday while DH was on the computer I visited one of my favourite stores - Spotlight.  This shop sells anything to do with crafts, sewing and fabrics so as you can guess I had a wonderful hour wandering around.  I bought 6 pieces of fabric (see below), quite a few metres of lace and various embellishments and I can't wait to get started.
The blue and white is just so pretty, I could imagine all as little sun dresses - I better learn  to sew before I have any granddaughters!
The strawberry fabric was so cute!
I am a fan of lace and love to buy it.  I always buy far more than I need as it comes in useful in many crafts, including card-making and scrape-booking.
And my first project . . . well you will need to wait, but it involves these!!!

So thanks Val for inspiring me to become "crafty" again!!



  1. Your material is lovely & I can't wait to see what you are going to make! ☺ I would like to do more crafts. Maybe once Star is doe with her schooling...

  2. Enjoy your crafting - the fabrics are very pretty !
    bless you..Trish

  3. Enjoy! One of my long term goals is to get into sewing a bit (alongside my dd as she grows up). Looking forward to the end product with those hooks and rings, it looks intriguing and I haven't got a clue:)

  4. So much FUN!! I love shopping for these kinds of things, and sewing and crafts... Looking forward to seeing what things you make! Have fun with it all :)

  5. Jo-

    You are so sweet! Thank you very much for the kind words and compliments. They mean a lot!

    I agree that I do love that strawberry fabric. It's delicious! And I suspect that there's some embroidery to come too, with those hoops? I'll be looking forward to seeing some pictures...

    Val xoxo


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