Week 3

Sunset: taken at a family picnic in Adelaide, South Australia

Weather: Hot and dry, no rain this week. Finally starting to feel like summer.
Children: My youngest returned from the coast with a huge bag of seashells which he wants to use in his aquarium.  First though he has to remove all the sand which will be quite a job as has 100's of tiny shells. Some of the shells are so pretty - I love collecting sea shells when I am at the beach so I am not surprised that Caius does the same.

In the kitchen: I usually share with you my cooking successes, not today.  I made a chocolate cake on Thursday following the recipe accurately but when I took it out of the oven it had not risen.  It looked more like a round brownie. So I covered it in chocolate icing and guess what, it tastes great - just doesn't look anything like the picture in the cookbook!!  I will pretend it was meant to be flat!!

Pets: The 2 Dobermans have decided to dig this week and as you can imagine they don't dig small holes. DH was NOT impressed.  They really don't see anything wrong in digging up half the garden!  The 2 princesses (Ruby and Charlie), on the other hand have been as good as gold . . . cats don't get into trouble!  The photo below is of Ruby lying on top of my computer paper.  Cats do find strange places to squeeze into.

Reading: I have just started (1st page) to read "The Gospel According to Job: An honest look at pain and doubt from the loft of one who lost everything" by Mike Mason - so far so good.  I have been reading Job and when I saw this book I thought it would be perfect to read along side Job - I will let you know what I think of the book when I have finished it.

"....the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away ; blessed be the name of the LORD." Job 1:21

Gardening:  I haven't done much this week, besides pruning the rosemary.  I have a large shrub near my front door - it never needs watering or much care, just keeps on growing - I use rosemary quite often in roasts so it is so handy to have just out front.  It also smells lovely and I have some in a vase in the kitchen.   The Hebe is in flower, not the most beautiful shrub but I quite like the flowers and the bees LOVE them. 

Watching: I have enjoyed watched the DVD "Islands of Britain" and like the romantic idea of living on an island, however I think those in the Outer Hebrides and the Shetland Islands look far too cold and bleak for my liking and the ocean looks very angry and black for me to sail on.  The Island of Sark looked very nice, no cars allow with transport only by bike, tractor or horse and cart.

This weeks photo:  "The Great Wall of Sardines"!!!! We buy sardines for the dogs and each week we need 14 cans! And yes sometimes I get a funny look when I buy so many and I don't even like sardines and the smell is even worse!

Have a lovely weekend



  1. Sardines! An occasional one is okay but 14 cans a week? Can't imagine how mcuh two dombermans eat. We are "baby sitting" two flood refugee dogs and one is part great dane.....maybe I can begin to imagine!
    Another week gone in 2011!

  2. Ruby - sardines are good for hair - makes it glossy! Not sure with humans:)

  3. Your dogs are well-fed, by the looks of it!! :)
    The flower photo is unusual but pretty. :)
    Good thing you were able to rescue the chocolate cake... I wonder why it didn't rise? That's happened to me with a recipe before and I never could figure out what I did wrong...
    Beautiful sunset photo! :)

  4. Hey Jo,
    How are you?
    I like the seashell picture. Also, the book your
    reading "The Gospel According To Job" sounds
    very interesting. The picture of your cat is
    very cute, it must of had a hard time
    getting out of that tight squeeze :o)


  5. Clara - the recipe also said half the mixture and place in 2 sandwich tins - I didn't really have enough for one tin - so there was no way I could have done this. Below is the recipe.


  6. How fun it most be to live so close to the ocean. As for the cake, I had to laugh I cooked one the other day, one I have cooked for over 20 years and it stuck to the pan...first time every, I had to cut it out of the pan..
    The Gospel according to Job..I am sure that is good.
    Blessings on the rest of your week and summer

  7. So much wonderful LIFE going on, Jo! My children love to collect seashells, too, whenever we return to the coast. And, my son would get a kick out of your sardines picture. He loves eating them with crackers, and I always have to leave the room because of the smell. :)

  8. Jo- that sunset photo is gorgeous! Truly it is so beautiful! Ok- you are allowed one cooking flop- at least it wascstill edible- most of my flops aren't!!

    Love the sea shells- the colors are magnificent! They will be lovely in your sons aquarium.

    Sounds like you are staying very busy---
    The sardines made me laugh! Love the kitty photo- ours are just as silly!


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