Art Wednesday: By request

Balmoral Beach

I was asked the other day by one of my  readers if I liked D'Arcy Doyle as it was her favourite - I didn't know much about this artist so I thought why not - once in a while do a "by request" and here is my first.  My favourite painting is the one above.

D'Arcy William Doyle (1932–2001)

A painter of Australian landscapes and historical scenes

Aged 18 years, Doyle joined the Royal Australian Navy with some friends and served for seven years, seeing active service in the Korean War. After finishing in the navy, Doyle worked as a painter and sign writer. In 1961, he found the confidence to become an artist on a full-time basis.  He was completely self-taught as an artist.

Influenced by Norman Rockwell, the well-known American illustrator, d'Arcy Doyle gives us a nostalgic impression of post-war Brisbane and Ipswich as he recalls it.

 The Kite Fliers
Big Ring
Dad wasn't ready
Roman Artist
Old Gum Trees
Sir Donald and His Trusty Blade



  1. I don't think I'd ever heard of this artist either. The paintings are good though, I quite like them. :)

    If you're going to take requests... You should really try looking up Robert Bateman (Canadian artist)? I love his artwork. :)

  2. This is a new artist for me, will check him out - his works look beautiful.

  3. These are very interesting. I wish I could look at them more closely. I like the second "Kite Flying" - the way the houses look like they are built on stilts, and the dusty road. Wonder why they are flying their kites on the road and not on the grass...snakes?

    Light in a painting is so lovely. I love the shine of the horses' coat.

  4. Hi Jo,
    These painting are so awesome. I love the detail. To look at them just creates a calming effect, and my imagination runs free. Thanks for posting all of those lovely paintings.

    God bless you,

  5. I like his work.
    They're iconic depictions of how things were - and not all that long ago either.
    In the country town where I live, we still have a shop with the old Bushels sign preserved on the side of the building. In fact it's quite common to find them in the villages around our area :-)

  6. I love this artwork, have seen some of these before when my daughters worked at a picture framer shop.

    Lovely detailed pictures...really like the simple living ones.

  7. Thanks Jo! I like them, although I must say you missed some of my favs!

  8. Bets - which ones are your favourites, as these were mostly mine!! Except for the cricketer, who I only added to show diversity in painting.

    It was after your suggestion that I thought of doing the "request" segment, so thanks!!

  9. I think I've seen some of these before but not known the artist:) lovely, I love good Australian art!

  10. I love Bush Wedding, and Christmas Morning, Sardine Lunch, the ones with kids in mostly. We have one boring one on one of our walls, I have some trays with his work on them, and when we were away ion December I was so wrapt as the place we stayed in had them on the walls too! I prefer his style over Rockwell by miles!

  11. Sardine Lunch is an amusing painting - I love the mans face. He is very different to Rockwell.


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