Art Wednesday: By request

Raft of Otters

Robert Bateman (1930-  ) born Toronto, Canada
Contemporary artist/wildlife artist

Thanks Clara for suggesting this artist, his work is just amazing.  I can't decide which one I love the most, I think the otters (above) are adorable - but the painting of the sheep is something special. I think I might have to look out for one of his many books on wildlife as they need to be looked at in much more detail (he has written 7).

According to Bateman "Painting, for me, has never been a hobby. It is not relaxing - writers and athletes would say the same. Since I was twelve, I have always painted unless I am interrupted. It is a labour, but it is what I do . . . a labour of love let us say."

 By the river
Grizzly head
Mallard Pair
Salt Spring Sheep
Observing Christmas

Bateman has so many wonderful paintings of wildlife, do check him out he is great.



  1. Now I like them! Good suggestion Clara, I had forgotten this artist but I remember when you got that book of his paintings. I still really like DÁrcy Doyle, which is Ok coz they do very different stuff =)

  2. wow so life like! but surely the one of the otters is a photograph???
    I love the ducks and the squirrel, I think they are my favourites though the others are GREAT too!

  3. joyfulmum - those otters are indeed a painting and not a photograph - pretty amazing.

  4. Really! pretty amazing indeed!

  5. These are GREAT ones of his! :) You will have to take a long look through the book I have of his paintings (sent to me by my Canadian friend) - I have "Natural Worlds". :) I don't blame you for wanting to get his book(s) - they really are so lovely, so real and so inspiring. :)

  6. Wow! Thank you Clara and Jo! How beautiful! The children and I are eager to see more and check out the link. The Raft of otters is amazing. I love a painting with water done so well. That's one of the reasons why I Stan Miller is a favorite.

    What a treat. Thank you again.

  7. So much work in each one of these. His water is amazing. So hard to do well.


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