Freedom of speech

Are we now living in a society where we can no longer speak out if we profoundly disagree with someone's lifestyle choice without being called intolerant?

In the last 12 months I have seen an increase in the push to legalise gay marriage (stories appear almost daily in the media) — encouraged by the Greens in Federal Parliament who are attempting to change state and territory laws that would result in the legalising of gay marriages.   

If you support gay marriage rights you are considered to be “pro-homosexual and therefore open-minded, kind and respectful”, or if you do not support gay marriage you are seen as “mean-spirited, homophobic bigot” (quoted from the ABC “The Drum”). When did we reach this point, where, if you stand up and say “no, I don’t agree and this is why” you are seen as narrow-minded?  Even the church seems to be quiet on this topic as they don’t want to be seen as been intolerant against a monitory group.  They appear to be sitting quietly on the fence not wanting to offend anyone and in the end, they probably offend everyone.

Our western democracy is based on the freedom of speech and that should include not agreeing with others and being able to opening express our views without being  condemned.  However that is not the case and many Christians  who speak out are condemned and called narrow-minded, offensive, intolerant, hateful and homophobic  and certainly not seen as enlightened or educated.  However the gay lobby can say what they like and this is considered acceptable.  And at present they are pushing and harassing in all directions their “cause” and do not want to hear anything but support.  They will, though, need to listen and answer to God.
Enough of my ramblings . . .


  1. I think it is terrible how everyone is supposed to tolerate everything (except of course there is no need to tolerate Christianity - or so they think) and never have an opinion. And it's also terrible how groups that SHOULD be a minority end up getting everyone to stand behind them (ie. gays), while minorities that should be standing (at least in their own sphere) for what is right are silent (ie. Christians). On the other hand, I don't think Christians should mix with politics - it is something that is never supported in the Bible - but they SHOULD make a stand in their sphere - meaning in the Church.

  2. This is a great post, Jo - and something I wonder about from time to time too, by the way :)

  3. Clara - I was prompted by an on-line article on the ABC website where you could leave a comment. Those Christians who left comments were blazed for their conservative views, however if a non-Christian said they didn’t support gay marriage they got away with it (less nasty terms were used).

    Sadly, many churches now stand in no-man's land on this topic (not all) as they don't want to offend, therefore speaking up many not make any differences. I agree we should get mixed up with politics, but these things do get me wondering at times.

  4. So right on...and us Americans are told that all the rest of the world agrees with gay marriages and it is only us "fundamental narrow-minded Christian Americans" who do not. So the lie is the same even in your country as it is in ours...and yes, we are losing our freedom of speech to the minority, which seems to have the louder voice.

  5. This is a worrying trend and not just in the gay marriage argument.

    I've been called racist because I asked why aboriginal students at our school went on a special 'aboriginal-only' excursion, and my kindergarten daughter just could not understand why she couldn't attend this fun event with her aboriginal best friend simply because she herself was not of aboriginal descent.

    I've also been called racist because I spoke up when Muslims came into our pre-school and taught all about the feast of Ramadan, yet I was not allowed to teach the children to sing "Away in a Manger" at Christmas time. (This was really silly because Islam is not a race, it's a political/religious ideology.)

    And I've been called intolerant and homophobic because I did not want my teenage son and daughter "presented with alternative lifestyle choices" (ie teaching about gay relationships) in their high school sex education classes.

    I realise that some people are going to choose a homosexual lifestyle and eventually gay marriage will be legalized, but as you pointed out in your well written post here Jo - why are those who disagree expected to just sit back and nod quietly?

    Discrimination works both ways but, unfortunately, it is not always seen that way.

  6. This reminds me of 2Timothy which tells us that in the last days men will be lovers of themselves and haters of good. These are difficult days if you stand up for any Truth. It's all about "that may be true for you but not for me." Then it isn't true at all, silly!

    On another note, I got pulled away before I could comment on your lovely blue dress - the one you wore to your son's party. You looked fabulous and the dress was TOPS. I liked the picture of your men also. Thank you for sharing, it was so nice to see who I visit so often.

    Blessings to you. Hope you have a good day.

  7. Mum-me: that is so sad, standing up for what you believe is now considered unacceptable. However I do wonder if you were Indigenous, Muslim or gay you would be able to jump up and down at school and everyone would listen as they wouldn’t want to upset you.

    It’s not like you are personally attacking the person or belief, just standing up for what you believe in. It really makes me cross at times, but we are warned in the Bible that this will happen and those in China (for example) have a much tougher battle than we do.

  8. Mrs Santos - thankyou so much for your kind words - the dress was so comfortable to wear.

    I am very proud of my 3 men and they were all so sweet on the night - even if they did stick out their tougues!!!

  9. I do agree with you 100%. Many know the truth and stay quite because they do not want to be considered narrow-minded. That's where the weakness is, when we fear to be called that and want what almost everyone in this world wants, to be "open minded".

    We should stand firm in our belief, because we are free to say the truth, and disagree. It is getting harder for Christians, and I do believe we are losing our freedom of speech, but the Lord shall be our guide and support. May he give us strength to remain firm in our beliefs.


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