My grandmother

I would like to introduce you to my grandmother, her name was Jane and she was born in 1891. She was 29 when this photo was taken with her eldest daughter. By the time she gave birth to her youngest child, Jane was 41 years old. But sadly by 1943, Jane had died leaving behind 6 children, my mother was only a young girl ( her older sisters did a great job caring for her). She was only 52. What a beautiful lady . . . and very bright. She had been a Montessori school teacher at the turn of the century (before her marriage), very progressive for her time. She also loved the Lord Jesus very very dearly.

If there was one thing I always wanted as a child was a grandma . . . all my friends had one, I didn't and felt like something was missing.  It is nice many years later to find photos of my grandmother and learn more about her.



  1. Jo,

    Thank you for sharing this story about your dear grandmother.

    Unfortunately, I never met my grandmother, for she passed before I was born. Like you, I was sad as a child that everyone else had a grandmother and I didn't because mine had already passed.

    Fortunately for you, you have some pictures of your lovely grandmother, and I am happy that you have them to treasure, always.

    -Lady Rose

  2. I can relate to this. Both sets of my grand parents died when I was very young and I have no memory of them at all!
    I am so thankful that my dd gets to know her grandparents and I've been praying that they will be around for quite some time so she has some good memories of them.
    and oh, I'll be on a long holiday from next week so if I don't come by for a visit, that will be the reason; I don't want to publish that on my blog for obvious reasons:)

  3. Joyfulmum - have a lovely time:)

  4. I can see your mother (in her mother) in that second picture! The family likeness can be very strong at times, can't they? And I do see the funniest connections at times! How can my neices look like their grandmother's first cousin's daughters? =) That's a good tricky one,isn't it?

  5. wonderful photos, I am sorry you missed having her alive while growing up, but most important, atleast there are fond memories and story about her. From what I could see she was a beautiful woman inside and out.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, it brought back memories of my granny.

    Have a great evening :)

  6. What a lovely picture, Jo! She looks like such a kind and gentle woman. It is a blessing to know one's Grandma...I wish my children lived closer to theirs. I do have fond, if brief, memories of my own grandmother. They're some of my sweetest from childhood.

    Lovely post!

  7. Bets - there is something strong (gene) running through the female line in our family as so many of us look similar - not sure if it happens in other families, but its not hard to tell we are related!!

    Good or bad??!!


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