No blog today (not technically correct because here I am writing!) — life is all too busy and after a week at work I just don’t the energy (I feel like the kitty cat above) to write very much.  Tonight is my sons engagement party (will tell you about this next week) and on Sunday I am taking my youngest son (and his girlfriend) out for morning tea and a visit to the bead shop (to buy beads) and to the tea shop (to buy tea)!

So will chat later. . .


I am running out of ideas for writing at the moment (my brain needs a rest), so not to bore you to tears with trivia, you might notice I skip a few days blogging from time to time.

Unless, of course,  you have some great ideas for stories . . . I don’t mind if you throw a topic my way and ask me what I think?!   A bit like a school assignment!!

Happy weekend. 


  1. Enjoy your rest, Jo - you've earned it!
    I know my brain wouldn't cope with posting every day, but you do a great job :-)
    Have a lovely weekend..Trish

  2. I love to check up what you have written every day! Very selfish really, as I couldn't dso it every day! Will miss your blogs, but of course I understand =)
    Have a good weekend!
    P.S. Will put my thinking cap on for some topics you could discuss and will send them to you privately!

  3. Blogging shouldn't be a burden or a chore. And there is no obligation to post every day. We'll still read whether you post every day or only once a week or whenever the mood strikes!


  4. I don't blame you - I don't think I've ever read a blog with more regular posts than yours!! Have a nice rest, everyone needs them from time to time! :)


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