Second hand shopping

 I did one thing on Friday that I really enjoy doing . . . second hand shopping.
I love looking for bargains.

My first stop was to St. Vinnies, where I bought:
Two hardly used handbags.
The red one will be perfect for evening use
and the black one has no scratches and in excellent condition, looks almost brand new. 
$3 each!

And one long skirt,
doesn't look as good in the photo and looks lovely on, slimming!
Cost $2.

Then I went to the Lifeline book fair and filled my granny shopping trolley to the top with books:
As I am a collector of old cookbooks, this will be added to my collection - 1941 version
Katey Dicksons was the daughter of Charles Dicksons, the author.
I almost bought (new) the Father Brown series, glad I didn't as this was a bargain at $5. 
Mao's Last Dancer is an excellent read, wanted to own my own copy.
I have never read Uncle Toms Cabin, now I can.
Three novels on those days when I want lite reading.
The Flying Doctor sounded very interesting.
I always look for a few art books as these are usually expensive in the stores.

I also bought 5 DVDs and 3 books on fish for my son. 
I only bought one shopping trolley full, others had boxes and bags of books
- I did wonder how they were going to get it all to the car!
I could have bought far more, but I was running out of room and to be practical, I don't have the room in my house for any more books!

After walking up and down rows I now have sore feet and back!!


Whenever I am on the computer, Ruby is near by supervising.  
She sits on top of the filing cabinet on "her" cushion.  
I usually pull up the blind so she can look out of the window.


To all my wonderful friends - have a wonderful and blessed weekend.



  1. What fun!! Secondhand bargains are great! :) Happy reading! :)

  2. Hi dear Jo - I love your second hand shopping finds~~ those purses are bargains and just perfect! Love the colors of the skirt. And the books - I would have lost myself there amongst all those books! Sweet Ruby is your buddy isn't she?

    Love your Fall blog header. Have to make myself remember that you are just approaching fall there and we are so anziously waiting for Spring!

    I have missed you while I've been away~


  3. What a great day you had, Jo!
    I'd have bought several of your bargains too :-)
    In fact I have some of those books.
    I think Vinnies is fantastic, and the one we have here is about the best I've ever come across.
    I need to visit them next week to look for another bag myself!
    Enjoy your great finds and have a beaut weekend yourself ;-)

  4. You found some great bargains. I love buying used books too, although I'm more in need of bookcases than more books. ;-)

    I found a nice cross-stitch book for hubby for .10 and a Royal Doulton Brambley Hedge Spring beaker for $1.00 at a yard sale this morning.

  5. Oh! That Fanny Farmer book is quite the find! She is a huge name here in the states, and was a big deal in her time too....very successful cooking school. I just bought a related book called Fanny's Last Supper in which a modern chef makes one of her late Victorian dinner using Victorian era equipment. It rated very good on public radion, and I'm anxious to get to it.

  6. That's really interesting Val - No one goes for the really old cookbooks so I never have any trouble getting my hands on them. I find them so interesting and love to look at the old recipes - often simple cheap meals to make. I have added Fanny to my collection!!


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