Totally random

Why does my cat like to lie in the empty bathtub - which is cold as it is made of metal?
She completely trusts us that we won't turn on the taps - crazy cat.  Maybe she is fluffy enough not to feel the cold! Bathtubs are really good taking photos of black cats, thanks to the white background.

Would you pay $1.5 million for this dog?!?!?
This is a Tibetan Mastiff, 11 months old and bought buy a Chinese breeder dog.  You wouldn't want to loose it would you?  You can buy these dogs in Australia for between $3,000 - $12,000. Anyone interested!  Genghis Khan is believed to have kept them and I bet he didn't pay such high prices for them.  And they only live for 10-12 years.

 Made-It website
If you live in Australia and like to buy handmade crafty goods, this is a great site.  It is like Etsy, but based in Australia so postage is much cheaper.  It is also a great site for ideas if you like to make crafty things.

I read in the newspaper yesterday that flat shoes are back in fashion.  This is excellent news, not only will it mean a greater range of flat shoes in the shops, but I am now in fashion.


As I said - totally random thoughts coming from my brain!!

Blessings for the weekend ahead.

And thankyou to all who left wonderful comments this week or just past by in silences.



  1. Jo,

    Cats are very strange creatures, aren't they? One of my cats, Clara-Belle used to like to lay in the tub AFTER we took a shower! So of course, the bathtub is not only cold but wet!

    LOL! No, I don't think that I would pay $1.5 million dollars for a dog! That is simply insanity!

    Shoes with a low heel are surely a winner for me. I can't seem to walk in high heels for very long without my feet becoming painfully sore.


    P.S. Let us know what top(s) you decided to wear with the beige skirts. :)

  2. Lady Rose - Ruby likes to stand by the shower door when I am showering and once I am finished she will walk into the shower and have a look to see what has been happening, water doesn't worry her at all (unless I give her a bath!!).

    I just love the name of your cat "Clara-Belle", that is so beautiful.

    I wear shoes for comfort these days as I hate sore feet!

    Will certainly share what tops I wear with my beige skirts.


  3. Random is good! ☺ Our cats like the chest freezer top ~ also nice & cool in the hot weather when they overheat. Funny pusses.

  4. Just looking at that dog, whilst sweltering here in Brisbane's humidity, makes me feel hot.

    Good news about the flat shoes. I can't wear heels.

    I once had a cat who followed the dog and me when we went for a walk. I usually had to end up carrying her back home, though.

  5. Nah..I wouldn't buy the dog!
    It's not exactly pretty ;-)
    Besides, you could probably feed a small country for the cost and upkeep of that animal :-(
    Flat heels are in - hooray!
    Actually, it's all I can wear these days.
    Flat and wide.
    How do women wear those extremely pointy shoes that obviously must squish their toes up?
    I'd rather wear thongs or go barefoot lol!
    bless you, Jo :-)

  6. Mum-me: When we aren't at home Ruby likes to lie by the back door near the two Dobermans, I think it makes her feel safe. And depending on their bark, she will react differently - some barks mean "go and hide", whilst others mean "its ok, stay where you are".

  7. Wow, that's insane to pay that much money for a dog!! Imagine it got an incurable disease before it's 10 years were up???

    I love wearing flat shoes, they are so comfortable. I'm not real keen on the extremely thin soles you often find though, and I read somewhere some years ago that the thin soles are not good for your feet (don't remember why)...

  8. P.S. That dog isn't cute, anyway!

  9. Thanks for the "Made-it" link Jo.
    Yes, random is good sometimes. I am the same at the moment. Cannot get the time nor the inspiration to string a whole cohesive post together on one riveting thought!
    Have a good weekend.

  10. just wanted to stop in and smile at ya. Hope you have a good day.

  11. I love all dogs, so I think this one is cute... I don't go for the hairless ones though lol.

    It is crazy to pay that much for a dog... but so is the treatment that many Chinese do to the dogs in their country... in cages all their life, bashed with hammers when it comes time to skin them alive to use for food. After all, they believe in 'tenderising' the dog while it is still alive. Don't google it whatever you do... you will have trouble sleeping soundly again. No, I didn't see videos but a few pictures posted on FB were enough for me. :(

    I hope this dog enjoys more comfort than most do in China and other Asian countries.

    Flats are my preference too ;)

  12. LOL - love the kitty story - ours does the same thing - go figure! Also one of them likes to drink from the commode - ugh!

    Love etsy - great that you have a site there as well!



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