What colour to wear

Ladies - I need you help.

I have a four beige coloured skirts - just bought one from eBay for $5.00 (like this one) and I never know what colour tops to wear with it - I usually stick with black but that is getting boring.  What colours would you wear with beige/cream/wheat? 

Thanks ladies, much appreciated.

PS to those ladies who do not sew and like to wear longer skirts, were do you buy them?  I use eBay, where I have bought the majority of my skirts from (many are brand new).



  1. Jo,

    I am thinking light pastel colors like blue, green, or pink. These are colored tops/blouses that I would wear with this color skirt.

    You found these skirts on eBay? I think maybe I need to shop there to get some skirts.


  2. Lady Rose - probably over 1/2 my skirts are from eBay. I look regularly and generally find at least one I can wear, very often brand new or hardly wore – some even come with tags. I wear them to work and no one would have a clue that I paid $5.00!!! I save heaps this way. I tend to buy mid-calf to long skirts and generally have no problems finding what I want. I always ask for measurements if they aren't provided and generally get the sizing right. Only had to give away a couple that were too small.

    Thanks for the ideas on colours, will need to give them a try.


  3. With beige I would suggest dark brown (a rich brown, not an ugly brown), or burgundy, or peach, or pinks, or cream... Being a natural colour, a lot of colours will go with it though.
    For something interesting, read all about beige and colours that go with it here: http://desktoppub.about.com/cs/colorselection/p/beige.htm
    If you can find a colour wheel (you can buy them at art stores or Spotlight etc), they are really handy because good ones will have a colour relationships dial that help you know what colours compliment each other etc. I find a colour wheel to be REALLY handy for many different things (card making, clothing, sewing, art etc). :)

  4. Dusky rose, most shades of red, dark golds, rich greens or multi~coloured tops. You'll have to show us what you decide! ☺

  5. I reckon you could wear just about any colour top with a beige skirt. First thought was a deep green. It would look good with patterns or florals too.

  6. Thanks ladies for your advice. I might take the skirt with me next time I go clothes shopping so I can experiment.

  7. Just last night I wore green with tan. I love emerald green and a forest green with any shade of tan or brown. I also think tan looks nice with a royal purple, a royal blue, or a nice deep red, or a rust color.

  8. Jo - At first thoght - I am a lot like you and LOVE to wear black. But then I do not dress for work every day like you do. I would go with spring colors like aqua - and white - and pink!



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