Art Wednesday: Yoav Shualy

So many of the artists I have covered are European or American and I thought it was time that I spend some time looking at artists in other countries, less well known countries. Today's artist is an Israeli who currently lives in Tel Avivi after living abroad for a number of years.

Artist: Yoav Shualy
Born: Israel
Landscape painter, contemporary

Just looking at these paintings, it is easy to tell Shualy has been trained in Europe, the style is very similar to many of the old landscape masters. In 1964 he moved to London to study art after winning an award. During that time he exhibited his paintings in several art galleries in London and Wales, where he lived for several months. During 1974-1975, he studied art in Vienna, Austria, where he learned the technique of the Vienna School of Art. This method was used by great artists in the likes of Prof. Ernst Fuchs. E. Brauer, Prof. R. Housner and others.  Shualy returned to Israel in 1975, where he currently lives, works, and teaches art in Tel Aviv. His mainly paints landscapes, relating to them as a setting of a mythological atmosphere, and as means of experimenting with the effects of shadow and light.
Late summer
Stormy ocean waves
Autumn sunset
Landscape in Autumn
Summer landscape



  1. Beautiful...will be back for my son to read.

    Yes the pianos have been in different parts of the world so far and only a couple of cities in the US, the web site tells all about was really a neat experience.

  2. These are so beautiful! Thanks for introducing us to this artist.

  3. I like these - the scenes make you 'feel' something - for example, warm afternoon sun in some of these. :)

  4. I agree Clara, they have a warmth about them. The more I look at them the more I like them. They grow on you.

  5. These are very beautiful. I have always liked landscapes and enjoy painting them too. Do you know what mediums he is using here? I like the summer landscape the best. Also, the dark sky over the row boat is very interesting. Thank you for the post. We always enjoy Art Wednesday, even if we don't always leave a comment.

    Have you seen that youtube video called women in art? You might have been the one to show it to me, I can't remember. Anyways, here is the link. If it is a rerun to you, just ignore. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Mrs Santos - yes I have seen the youtube "women in Art" it was lovely!!

    No, I am not sure what medium has been used in these paintings, doesn't look like oil to me.

    I have some lovely artists in May which you might enjoy!



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