Books: ebooks (Part 2)

Only in the last 12 months have I taken up e-reading.  I am yet to sit down and read an entire novel, I generally use e-reading for my daily devotional, bible reading and bible study.  I still like that old-fashion paper for general reading! 

I haven't bought a ebook reader, rather I have an iPad that I use for many things, including reading. The iPad is not designed as a traditional ebook reader, so it does not have that "paper" look that many e-book readers have.  This is one reason why I don't read it for hours (but it is great for reading in bed with the lights out!).  It is also slightly bigger than most ebook readers, making it a little heavier to hold, that is where pillows come in handy (when reading in bed). I do like how I can control font size, making it larger or smaller, can quickly jump to another section of the book, underline, write notes, and send text to facebook etc.

I buy my books through KOBO and they are stored in the KOBO app.  Purchasing and downloading is simple with only a few steps that are not complicated. Their on-line store is easy to use and they offer many discounts, sometimes around 30%. The cost of ebooks is minimal - I think the most expensive  I've bought has been around $12 and the cheapest has been under $1 or free (however new releases are more expensive).  The range is huge, so whatever is available in paper, I am also finding in ebooks. KOBO is a Canadian company - but I buy in Australian dollars, unlike Amazon which is in US$$ (not a problem at the moment).

So far, I am enjoying e-reading.  I like the idea of having 1000's of books stored in one small place (especially when I travel).   Another plus to ebooks . . . if I want a book "now" and its 11pm at night,  I can download it within a minute or so . . . it provides instant books and that is a plus.

I now use ebook/internet for cooking, I know longer use cookbooks and in fact I have reduced my cookbook collection by 1/3 and would like to reduce it some more. 

At this stage, ebooks are not going to take over from my paper-based books, however perhaps in the future I might see myself reading far more ebooks.  This is similar to music - I once had a large collection of CDs, now I own none.  All are on my computer and I listen to music via my iPod.  I only buy music online (eg through iTunes).  So one can never say never when it comes to ebooks. 

For all the positives of ebooks . . .  I still like to have bookcases full of books and looking at the number of people buying second hand books the other day I am not alone on this one.  And there will never be a "ebook" second hand sale and thats a bit sad:)

Whats your view on ebooks?  Good  . . . bad . . .  don't care?



  1. I don't think I will ever read ebooks. I *much* prefer old-fashioned books. What happens if your ebook device breaks??? You can't read until it gets fixed. For that reason alone, I would *much* prefer books. And I am not a huge fan of sitting and reading books that are on a lit screen - that is not fantastic for my eyes (can give me a headache) - reading by sun or lamp-light (I prefer old bulbs for a more natural light) is much more natural and relaxing to my eyes.
    So - that's my opinion!! :) (And honestly, even considering the price different, I still can't imagine why someone would prefer a screen to turning real book pages! But maybe that's just me!!)

  2. Jo- I have both an IPad and a Kindle. I absolutely love reading on them both. When I read in bed- I love to read the iBooks reader on my iPad. I think it is a beautiful reader. If I am outside- like by the pool- I prefer my Kindle. I love books- but really want to decongest. I do still have some actual books- as I read them, I donate them to our local library. For me- the ereaders have changed my life.
    Ps- I absolutely love my iPad! Do you ever play word games on your iPad? Like Words with Friends? If so- I'd love to play with you!

  3. I'm enjoying my Kindle, Jo. I've just started reading Jane Eyre on it, but the bulk of my reading is hard copies and I'm sure it will continue to be so. I love to mark my books and make notes, and like you, I like the paper. Still, the Kindle has been a blessing,and I'm glad to have it as an option.

  4. Vicki - no I haven't played Words with Friends - when I do, I will let you know! At the moment I am enjoying playing scrabble with my iPad!!

  5. I'm not saying that I'll never use one and I sure can understand the convenience, but I feel like most of us spend too much time staring at screens as it is, so I don't want to have do that when reading.

    Besides that, I don't read many books that would be available that way so I don't think I could if I wanted to.


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