Hot cross buns

I have always wanted to make hot cross buns - I love them - they are a big favourite in our house.  But with my fear of cooking with yeast I have avoid giving them a go until Sunday.  Sunday was wet, cold and grey - perfect weather for some cooking.   The recipe I used is from (recipe) - I made 2 changes to the recipe - I doubled the amount of spices and I used an apricot jam glaze instead of the sugar glaze - this is so much nicer (heat jam in the microwave until hot, spread over top of hot cooked buns).  I used the KitchenAid to make these buns so slightly modified the order of the recipe.

This was taken at the start of the second rise
Having a rest!!
They only took 15 minutes to cook even though the recipe said 30 minutes. You will notice that none of these buns have the cross on top (made from flour and water) - I was too lazy and didn't think the cross added any improvements to the taste, so I skipped that part.  As my colleague at work said - I didn't really make hot cross buns, just simply old fashion currant buns!!!

My son ate 4 last night (and they are larger than the shop bought buns!) and I took one to work this morning. I froze 5 buns as they only keep fresh for a few days.

Now I can make current buns (or hot no-cross bun) whenever I like



  1. YUM-O! They look awesome...good job! I've been thinking about making some hot cross buns, and you have just reminded me. Might do it today amongst the cleaning and holidaying! xxx

  2. Fantastic! I'm not often that successful when I try. I bet they taste great.

  3. Hi Jo,
    Thank you for the kind comment at my blog. I'm glad the info I left at the Wise Woman blog was helpful to someone. Yes, on the whole my son's experience with Open Uni has been positive. He is doing his course with RMIT and Curtin universities. You are most welcome to email me if you would like some more specific information.
    Funny I should visit you now as I have a batch of hot cross buns rising in the kitchen. They are meant to be mini chocolate chip buns but I used dried apricots and sultanas as there is no chocolate in the house at the moment. Those buns look wonderful and I do like the idea of apricot jam for a glaze - I might just try that with mine!

  4. I can understand why your son ate 4, they look delicious!! You have blessed hands :)

  5. Since moving to NZ in 2008 I have wanted to make these. We don't eat them at Easter in America and other than the children's song--I didn't even know what they were until moving down under. Now, after seeing the gorgeous buns you made, I am determined to make them this year!! I have been wondering about a marzapan cross--at least then it would have some flavour. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Jo,

    Your buns looks delicious!

    I also used to be intimidated to make things using yeast, but now that I have been practicing for awhile, it's not so bad. However, I still worry if I will "kill" the yeast when I add the warm liquid to the flour.

    -L. Rose

  7. Good on you, Jo!!
    They look fantastic :-)

  8. Lady Rose - I use to worry about "killing" the yeast, but as long as the water or milk is at a temperate that is comfortable when you place your finger in it, then it will be fine.

    Because I use the KitchenAid, I add the flour to the liquid - but allow the liquid (+ yeast) to sit for 10 mins to "do its thing".

  9. They look GREAT! You are tempting me to try making them...:)

  10. They look soooo yummy! Mmmm.... maybe I'll commission you to cook when you visit us later in the year! ;) (just kidding!)

  11. I can almost smell them!! They are so beautiful - I want one of those right now - and some honey to go with it!



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