Spinach and other rambles

After the success of my tomatoes in summer (which I am still picking) I have decided to grow spinach this winter.  The first crop is almost ready to pick, however I find that when I am wandering past I can't help but eat a leaf, so there isn't quite as much as there use to be. On the weekend I planted the second crop of spinach - this time 3 punnets instead of just one. Those little green pellets are to keep the pestie snails away that seem to appear as soon as I plant something small and tender.
The lemon balm smells delicious and makes a great tea.  Usually after it flowers in summer it dies back, but not this year (probably due to the mild summer), it has decided to spring back and grow - the first frosts will probably cause it some stress.  

What is on your fridge door - I find it a great place to store those recipes I have cut out or printed from magazines/internet.  I have been finding recipes for my son to cook - he made this one last week and it was delicious (we did modify the recipe slightly).  Need to find something for this week. 
I made this recipe last week, however being American I had to do some guess work eg what is 4 squares of chocolate?  I used the whole block! And half a packet of marshmallow?  I guessed!!


Did I tell you that I was on a diet?  I am and so far lost almost 7kgs (in 2 months) and have another 8kg to go before I reach my ideal weight.  I am dieting with a friend which makes it so much easier and creates a bit of a competition (anything to motivate me).  Its' not really dieting it just changing the way I eat and cutting out "bad" foods.  I was very proud of myself - last night we had roast pork and I didn't eat any crackling - my weakness.  My DH offered me some and I said NO!!
The downside to loosing weight is, of course, my clothes are now too loose. Once my goal is reached I will need to visit a dressmaker and get everything taken in!!


 To all my blogging friends . . .  have a wonderful week


  1. It looks like your garden is doing really well! :) Our garden is just about through for this season, I think - not much happening anymore. I don't usually do winter vegies, so it'll be another 6 months till I have to worry much about gardening now.

    Our fridge door actually has nothing on it!! We do have a few notes etc on the sides of the fridge though :) Those recipes look interesting - although the marshmellow one looks a bit sweet - was it really sweet??

    Good work on your diet!! :) You're doing really well!

    And... have a wonderful week yourself, too! :)

  2. Your spinach looks great..we have been using a lot in smoothies this spring. I need to try some lemon balm..I haven't yet...will put that on my list.

    Congrads on your weight loss..that is wonderful..I am firming up but not seeing the pounds come off yet, having a dieting buddy is great.

  3. Your spinach is looking good and so is the rest of your garden. I have been adding a leaf of ours to my daily smoothie as well to give me a lift.

    You have lost the same amount of weight as me, but I only have 3 more kilos to lose. I am having the same trouble with clothes so hubby took me shopping the other day and I got nearly $400 worth of clothing for $150 (I bought everything from the reduced rack), I got heaps for that amount, so I was pleased about that. Some of my clothes had been too small but now they fit. I have not been losing any more lately because I stopped exercising, my weight is staying roughly the same...I have to keep a tight rein on what I eat though!

    You have a great week too!


  4. CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss! I lost a bit more than you over the last year which I will blog about sometime soon! So, you've done it much quicker than me, good for you!
    Yea I have to agree with Clara, that second recipe looks terrible sweet:)

  5. Clara/Joyfulmum: yes the second recipe was very sweet (I only had a nibble when testing) but my work colleagues (all male) certainly ate it up!!

    The weight loss has been very exciting considering I have struggle to loose weight for a number of years - it appears to be coming off nicely and at this rate I should loose almost all by the middle of the year.

    My DH has been very supportive and offering lots of compliments which is always encouraging.

  6. Your garden looks great - I bet the lemon balm tea is lovely. I keep a large ring binder that is stuffed with recipes I print from the internet - the Chicken Danielle looks delicious.

    Congrats on doing so well with your weight loss program. I try to do Zumba a couple of times a week, but I think I'll need to diet too.

  7. Way to go on the losing weight. That's wonderful. Your spinach looks divine too. I just posted about our garden again. It's doing pretty good.
    Have a great week.

  8. Great green thumb! I imagine a wonderful stir fry or salad with that spinach :)

    Have a great week yourself too!

  9. Congratulations on the weight loss! Great job!

    I don't usually keep anything on my fridge. I think it looks tidier without all the stuff hanging from it. I do place an occasional photo or magnet on the side of the fridge though.


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