Weddings and romance

I would like to make a confession (ssshhh don't tell anyone!) . . .  there is two things I particularly enjoy . . . romance novels and a good wedding. OK, if there had been an English literature class at high school on romance novels I would have got an A+ as I read MANY romance novels in my younger days. . . . very guilty. . . . . still do occasional today.

To my second pleasure . . . a good wedding . . . today is the day that Prince William and Katherine will be getting married and I, along with million of others, will watch.   As a teenager, my mum and I went to our neighbours to watch Prince Charles and Diana (not that I had a clue it wouldn't work out) get married and I just LOVED it - I am a romantic at heart and being a "girly" girl, I just love looking at the bridal dress, the jewellery and dreaming!!!! In more recent times I watched Prince Fredrick of Denmark marry our very own Mary, Prince Andrew marry Sarah etc etc......

So if I was getting married today . . . here
is my choice of dress (or two or three!)
 (and yes, I particular like the square neck that appears on 3 of these designs - they are all quite similar!)
This one (above) is my favourite

And if you were wondering what I actually wore on my wedding day . . .  I was married at the registry office in a knee lenght white dress.  Certainly not my dream wedding, but things didn't go to quite to plan, but that is another story.

This one is also really nice



  1. Hi Jo,
    Nice dresses, I will be watching the wedding, it isn't friday here yet, but when I get up in the morning the t.v. will go on. Guess you will be staying up late to watch

  2. Those top 3 dresses are quite nice!
    I told Dan the other day that I was interested to see what Kate's dress will look like, and he could NOT understand why... Maybe it's because he's a male and American, to boot... but he did not understand my desire to watch the wedding.... Hmm.... In the end though, I persuaded him that it would be a good idea to let the children stay up late to watch the wedding... :) :) :) It is a historical event, after all!! (And something they will probably never forget - I'm pretty sure I remember watching a royal wedding as a child - Prince Andrew and Fergie?... although I was only 4 at that time, so maybe that was a video of it that I remember??!!!! LOL)

  3. Ahh, the big day for Prince William and Kate has arrived.

    To be honest, I haven't really taken that much of a keen interest in their wedding.

    But, one can't help but tune in from time to time because there's not much else on TV in Australia, unless you stay up late.

    Now wouldn't it be good if we could get this much attention and TV broadcasting on the things happening in this world that really matter... The homeless, the starving, poverty and well the list would be endless.

    Just imagine it, if the world tuned into that as they are for the royal wedding. If those dollars invested by networks to broadcast the wedding, the dollars people spend buying souvenirs (that will rust and be destroyed), and the many other dollars spent just for this wedding to take place, were actually invested in helping out others that really do need help.

    I think it is quite absurd to have people labouring away, taking out traffic lights so that not one spectator can say they didn't get a good view of William or Kate as they drive past.

    Don't get me wrong, weddings are beautiful, and I pray to God that theirs will be a marriage filled with love. But really, does one wedding need so much fanfare?

  4. Ooh!... I liked the top one the best. I don't think I'll be watching the wedding but I do think I'm a romantic type as well.

    I have never read a romance novel. I heard some women end up unhappy, comparing the husband to the so-called "prince charming" in those books.

    My husband is more like a charming caveman {smile}.

  5. Clara -I can still remember watching Diana marry Charles, my mum and I made it a special occasion so it was even better. When she climbed out of the carriage in her dresses and my mum, like many others commenting that it needed ironing!!! It is something you do remember. DH will not enjoy it one bit, but by 9pm they will be married so think he will cope!

  6. Kerrie - the cost of the filming and the security alone must be huge. The royals, I think do pay for the wedding it self. Yes, it would be wonderful if we showed the same passion for helping others, just imagine what could be achieved if we did.

    However it is events like this that create the history of Britian, which has had many centuries of pomp and ceremony!! Nice to have a few in modern times.

  7. The Angulo's - sadly there are women who read romance novels non stop and that can become a huge problem. I only read them occasionally, often Christain romance novels that are nice and clean!

    I did once compare my DH to Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and he just laughed at me!! he told me he was no Mr Darcy:).

  8. Gorgeous frocks! I particularly love the last one. Very dreamy....

  9. Jo, all the dresses you've chosen are very lovely!
    I'm watching the lead-up to the wedding now :-)
    For once there's something pleasant to see on TV tonight!
    I'm interested to see the outfits and Kate's dress too.
    I hope their marriage works.
    On the face of seems they may have a better chance than William's parents!

  10. One of my fondest childhood memories was watching Prince Charles and Princess Diana get married with my grandmother.

    I haven enjoyed watching all of the coverage of the wedding today and I LOVED Kate's dress! (o:

  11. Oops, that should have said I 'have' enjoyed.....

    I was typing too fast. LOL (o;

  12. A Quiet Gracious Life - it certainly was a very beautiful dress, very Grace Kelly don't you think? I thought the whole wedding service was lovely and very elegant. A most enjoyable evening!

    PS the bridesmaids dress was also very elegant.

  13. We've been terribly busy here these past few days so we've got the wedding recorded on dvd to watch at leisure.
    I loved the idea of wondering what wedding dress you would wear if you got married today. hmmm, I'll need to think about that one, I imagine might be slightly different to what I actually wore:)
    love the profile picture, I've seen pictures of you before but not one so close up:)


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