What have I been up to?

For the last 2 weeks I have been home on holidays with my DH and this is what I have been up to.
Birthday gift for my friend Kathy - as part of my handmade gift giving this year I made Kathy a lavender bag (as part of my beginner sewing lesson) and a paper tole picture which she can hang on the wall or display on a shelf.
This is a card and gift I had for my mum for Mothers Day.  I card the I made a while ago using paper tole - my mum has the habit of reusing cards I make to give to special people, so I can imagine down the track someone else is likely to enjoy this little girl!!  I often send her flowers, which, as you know die, so this year I made her a flower picture. I would really like to write a bible text at the bottom, but my hand writing isn't neat enough, so I might need to use the computer.
Also part of my beginner sewing lesson I made two heat packs - the green one is my sons and the butterflies I gave to his girlfriend Millie.  They both loved them.  Millie's mum would like one to.  These are filled with brown rice as I couldn't find any wheat. I used fleece for the fabric.
Sewing lesson number 3, I made a brown skirt (top one - not the one with strips).  Not a very good photo, still have the hem to complete.  This was a test to see how well I could make a straight skirt.  Now that I know I can do - I will buy some fabric and make a few winter skirts.

If you are wondering why I have been sewing - I bought a Brother sewing machine a couple of weeks ago (my old one was broken) and I have been re-teaching myself how to sew.  It is a bit like riding a bike, I haven't forgotten, just a bit rusty.
I bought this fabric from eBay so I can make some pot holders.  The first one I made (not using this fabric) wasn't the best (which is why there isn't any photo) - but I can still use it, but not something I would give as a gift, more practice needed!!
Ruby went off to the vet for her annual vaccination needles, even before I was ready to go she was in her cage waiting.  The lovely vet Heather told Ruby that she was beautiful and had lovely fur and teeth BUT she was a little OVER WEIGHT.  O'dear, not more little treats off mums dinner plate and less dry food.  Ruby just wanted to go home and hid (see photo below!!).  Now both mum and Ruby are on diets.

Talking of diets - I have now lost 10kgs.  To me, this is just AMAZING and for a reward I went and bought a rather expensive skirt (that I would never have been able to fit into before). Another 5kgs to go and then I will see if I need to loose any more.
 Ruby hiding in my shopping bag after her embarrassing news.
I bought a new wok this week at a 50% sale (Harris Scarfs) and when I brought it home Ruby decided to climb in.  Don't worry, it was well washed and heated afterwards!!  So what's for dinner?
Two beautiful princess asleep in their thrones

This is "me" looking at "you".
This is taken by the computer camera - so if you could look out of your computer into mine, this is what you would see!!  I only wear glasses when I am at the computer.



  1. Jo,

    So you are re-teaching yourself to sew? I say that you are doing fine so far. I have yet to learn how to sew. It's dififcult for me to teach myself this skill. I guess I just don't have the patience.

    I love the flower picture that you made for your mom. It looks like a collage. I am sure she will love it.

    I was LOL when I saw that one of your cats was sitting inside the wok, ha! Also, I am shocked that your cat, Ruby was actually waiting in the cat carrier to go to the vets. Mine always start running when they see that cage come in their vision.

    Lastly, such a nice picture of yourself. Now I know what you look like. I'm not brave enough to show my face on-line. LOL! :)


    -L. Rose

  2. Lady Rose - When Ruby got to the vet she was really scare of the unknown and was very happy to be safely back home in her castle.

    When I was much younger my mum sent me to sewing classes and I haven't forgotten what I had learned. When I made the skirt I took my time and was really slow (took me all day) - as I was concerned I would make a mistake.

    Yes the flower picture is a collage, a very simple one!

    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. Jo, you've made very beautiful items for your mum and your friend!
    The rose picture is really lovely.
    I'm surprised Ruby was so keen to get into the carrier too.
    She's a fun pet - love the frypan shot lol!
    Your photo looks great too :-)
    I'm always in 2 minds about showing my face.
    Not sure if it's just plain vanity or fear of identity theft :-(
    Well, you've had a lovely time lately by the looks of things..thanks for sharing!

  4. Your sewing and projects look great!! I'm glad you posted these pictures; I've been very keen to see what you've been making. I love those tole pictures, too, they're gorgeous!
    And WOW on the diet - you're doing SO well!! :)

  5. I absolutely love the card and flower picture you made for you mom. I will try to make one for my mom as well. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  6. FINALLY - a picture of you!!! (I have been waiting SO long for this!) You are beautiful and I love that photo!

    Secondly - kudos to you for the diet progress! I know how hard that is - I have been dieting also. About 5 years ago, I lost almost 60 pounds on the weightwatchers plan. Then I slowly let about 20 of that creep back on. After we got back from our recent travels I said - THATS it - this is coming off. So I have been back on the WW plan and exercising like crazy. I have lost 20 pounds - and I am still going~~ We can keep each other going and cheer each other on!

    I Love he photos of Ruby - bless her heart - we have a fat kitty too! (maybe a little treat just every now and then - right?) She is so pretty!

    I love all of your projects - I had NO idea that you were so crafty. I used to sew and make all my clothes - but I gave that up years ago. I have often wondered if I would still remember how~~

    Seriously - that photo of you is KILLER!! Love the glasses - makes you look sexy!


  7. Vicki - thank you so much for your kind words. You have made my day:)

  8. Lovley photo Jo. It is amazing how putting a face to someone really rounds out their character!
    Love the princesses on their thrones and all of your crafty efforts.
    Good job on the healthy eating efforts.
    Enjoy your week!

  9. Lovely photo Jo. It is amazing how putting a face to someone really rounds out their character!
    Love the princesses on their thrones and all of your crafty efforts.
    Good job on the healthy eating efforts.
    Enjoy your week!

  10. I also have a Brother sewing machine that is gathering dust - so long since I used mine but I need no distractions when I sew and find because my back is turned, I cannot keep an eye on what my little ones are up to - but I have a lovely long Lisa Ho skirt, my favourite, that the lace trim has ripped on. Just needs some new lace to be stitched into place. Maybe this will be the incentive to try a few more projects on my machine!
    Hope you enjoyed the Royal Wedding. Did you love her gown? I was just about ecstatic over that lace - I love lace! I also love the designs of the gowns in your weddings and romance post too - we must have similar tastes because I love those square necklines too. Here's hoping Catherine's dress is the start of a return to the age of simple elegance!

  11. Ann- this week I fixed a clip on a skirt that was broken 2 years ago, how lazy is that!

    When my boys were young I was put off sewing as they would distract me too much. Sewing now is much easier, but my cat (Ruby) sat on the pattern, played with the pins (even though she was told off) and generally got grumpy as I ignored her all day! It was no differnt to a child!!!!

    I love the wedding dress, it was so good to see a dress that was feminine, elegant and modest compared to many of the strapless dresses these days. And most of the guests looked very ladylike as well. A nice change.

    Have a great week:)

  12. LOVE the apron fabric! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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