God Knows

The Gate of the Year

By Minnie Louise Haskins

And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.”  And he replied:

Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.

So I went forth, and finding the Hand of God, trod gladly into the night. And He led me towards the hills and the breaking of day in the lone East.

So heart bestill:

What need our little life

Our human life to know,

If God hath comprehension?

In all the dizzy strife

Of things both high and low,

God hideth His intention.

God knows. His will

Is best. The stretch of years

Which wind ahead, so dim

To our imperfect vision,

Are clear to God. Our fears

Are premature; In Him,

All time hath full provision.

Then rest: until

God moves to lift the veil

From our impatient eyes,

When, as the sweeter features

Of Life’s stern face we hail,

Fair beyond all surmise

God’s thought around His creatures

Our mind shall fill.


The poem was published in 1908 and King George VI quoted it in his 1939 Christmas broadcast to the British Empire in the early days of World War Two.

Its words remained a source of comfort to Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) for the rest of her life, and she had the words engraved on brass plaque and fixed to the gates of the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle, where the King was interred. When the Queen Mother died in 2002, and the words of "The Gate of the Year" were read out at her state funeral.



  1. That's a beautiful poem. It reminds me of how Jesus said we must become as little children to enter the kingdom of God - trusting Him in all things.

  2. Jo, this is a beautiful and uplifting poem. God truly knows... and when we see no possibilities he has numberless ways to make things possible.

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. He really does know. I'm so glad He sees the bigger picture and has everything in His control.


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