Modesty - where is it?

Warning: Some readers may find language used in this piece offensive, I will attempt to keep it to a minimum.

In recent weeks we have had a number of rallies called Slutwalk in Australia (from this point on I will refer to it as SWalk). SWalk started in Toronto, Canada, after a local policeman told a group of law students that ''women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised''. Protest marches have since been held or are planned for cities in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, the Middle East and Europe.

The sole purpose of SWalk is to show the world that women (and girls, some women even brought their young daughters to the rally) can WEAR WHATEVER THEY LIKE, from mini skirts to almost nothing and if anything happens to them (eg assault or rape) it isn't their fault at all.  If a man is sexually aroused and titillated by a woman wearing very little, it is his fault and not hers.  If women want to look sexy, they have the right to, if women want to look like a slut, they have the right to.

Rape and assault on women is abhorrent . . . however us women need to be responsible for our actions - we know that men are aroused by what we wear, which is why women wear sexy clothes to nightclubs - to pick guys up - and if we walk about in provocative clothing we can run into trouble, we need to be careful. 

Interestedly, these women who choose to dress provocatively are not be honest with themselves, they do like the attention from men, they do like to be looked at, they like being seen as "hot", they do like to be "chatted up" in the pub. . . however they don't necessarily want to have sex . . . as a result they completely confuse men.  And that is the problem.  They tease men and then blame them when things go wrong.  You can't have it both ways ladies.  You can't expect to dress like a prostitute and get no reaction.

Call me old-fashion, but I do not want the world to see my half naked body . . .  and I will follow the scriptures which clearly tell me how to dress.  I do not want to be seen as cheap or dressing like a prostitute.  I care how others see me and I don't want to offend others in any way.

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. 1 Timothy 2:9-10

These women who choose to dressing provocatively don't really care if our sons or daughters and our husbands see them half naked . . .  they see nothing immoral about their behaviour. 

These women are making it so difficult for our men and boys to remain pure at heart.  In everyday life it is almost impossible for men to avoid see half naked women, just take a walk to the local shopping centre or the office.   Some days it can be quite an eye opener. . . sadly.

As for our girls, they stand out even more in their modest clothes, as the world dresses so immodestly around them.

PS what is bizarre about this whole SWalk—many of those participating do not want to be confused with the feminist movement.  Instead they want to promotes “slut power,” embracing the idea that sexuality is power.  As a result some have compared it to Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras because it is not just a rally, but a party and a celebration of identity.  I find the whole thing very disturbing and I find the S#@! word very offensive and cheapens women, undermining any message these women might have e.g. violence against women.

God see women as

. . . more precious than rubies. . .
Prov 3:15


  1. I was in town at the weekend and saw a young girl in a singlet & short shorts with that very word written (I think) in purple lipstick on her chest. I was most concerned that anyone would want to brand themselves as that. I wasn't aware of the s-walk. Maybe that's what she had been a part of, I don't know. But I agree using your sexuality in that way as power isn't real power. And is a very dangerous and negative thing.

  2. A slut is a whore is a prostitute & God had some rather harsh things to say to the Israelite women who were parading around in like fashion. The result was not good! Just more of the *Me! Me! Me!* thinking that cares nothing for others & how our behaviour impacts on them. I sometimes make weird clothing choices but they are never immodest.

  3. Ganeida - hit it in one - it is all about ME and they don't care who they offend. I hate the S word becuase it means all the things you have listed, so why, why, why would any normal sane woman want to be called a S@#!, it makes no sense to me.

    It makes me cross! Complete selfishness. But that is the world:(

  4. Hi Jo,

    EXCELLENT POST!!!!! I'm so happy to see this issue addressed on a blog post. Up until age 22 I dressed with the intent to draw attention to myself, and sadly I would have to say that my choice of attire at the time was in the street walker category, even though I was actually dating one person.
    The Lord convicted me about my attire as I became pregnant, and I was now going to be a role model to my child and what kind of role model could I be with my son looking at a mother dressing sexy.

    This is becoming a very scary world, and I can see how Christians are going to be called prudes, and many other things because of our convictions about the way we dress, and that we want to dress in a way that honors Christ.

    Again, excellent post, I had no idea these events were going on. It's all very sad.

    God bless you,

  5. It's very very saddening to read and see this:(
    I just don't understand it!!!

  6. Oh, I hate that word too, it even sounds distasteful! It is a horrible world when women are proud to dress like whores (but don't want to to be raped like whores)...
    While men should have self-control and know when to avert their eyes (ie. not use excuses), women also shouldn't be dressing in a tempting way like that. Both genders need to take responsibility for their actions and their dress code. And bedroom clothing (or lack thereof) should stay in the bedroom!
    It really is all about how good it makes "me" feel, and what clothes make "me" feel sexy and what clothes make "me" feel in control, and how good "me" feels when men can't stop looking. Yes, it is a power thing, but that type of power is neither godly nor attractive to a godly man.

  7. This is so disturbing!
    I saw some photos of young women dressed for this event a few days ago and felt sick.
    I do believe that much of what we see happening to our youth today, is driven by unclean spirits.
    Symptoms of their influence always includes immodesty and shamelessness.
    Inciting rebellion against godliness and purity is their agenda.
    Our youth are in the heat of battle and don't even know it.
    God help us to reach them!

  8. Trish-when I was reading about this, I read of a number of women who took their young daughters and that made me feel very sad. What message are they passing on to their daughters, what morals are they teaching them . . . It really is tragic that these innocent children are being corrupted by their parents.

  9. Jo, this is an excellent post! I am glad you have address it here. I also did not have any idea about the swalk.

    Very shameless walk, like you say these women can't have it both ways. They way we dress has a lot to say about who we are. As Christian we should honor the Lord in how we dress, talk and behave. It's obvious these participants do not have any faith nor knowledge of what God asks from us and how he sees us.

    I have tried to raise my three daughters "to stand out more in their modest clothes." I guess I am old fashioned compare to what the "modern" world does and permits.

  10. I have never heard of this, but will be keeping my eyes open. As a mother of five boys I am applauding this post...I don't think girls get it at all! Even in the church I need at times for my husband to look away so he will not have issues produced by his eyes from what he sees.

    I am ready for a modestly dressing revolution!!

    Great, great post!!

  11. I agree with You. Modesty doesn't mean wearing burqa or wearing like 100 years ago, but all must be moderated.

  12. Oh my!!! I can't believe there is such a thing as a s@*% walk. How terribly, terribly sad and shameful....

  13. I live in a suburb near Toronto and am very ashamed that the SWalk has made world news and influenced other countries to have such a display. I was horrified when I saw this "parade" in our news and couldn't believe women would want to be called such a name.

    Saldy, the policeman eventually apologized for his comments that started it all. I'm not sure whether he changed his mind or was threatened with dismissal or other reprimands.

    It's a sad world, isn't it?

  14. Jo, interestingly, I had not heard of this. I'm not sure why it slipped my attention, though I don't follow the media very closely, so if I don't hear things from others sometimes I don't know about stuff.

    I agree with Trish and feel that these things are a result of the influence of unclean spirits. I have been noting how more and more wickedness, especially in the sexual realm, is being "accepted" by society and "normalized". I see this playing into the end times. The fact that these women would flaunt their flesh under such a trashy name and consider their sexuality as a source of power reminds me of "BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" in Rev. 17 "With whom the kings of the earth have committed
    fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication"

    1. I was watching a TV programme on language the other day and it made the comment that swear words that were considered "bad" and not to be said around polite people, are now so normal everyone says them all the time - you are quite right, we are normalising things to the point that almost anything is now considered acceptable.


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