My morning

While the chicken and vegetable soup is simmering on the stove, I wanted to tell you about my wonderful morning out. 

My son (18 yr old) and I decided to visit our favourite tea shop and have morning tea in the sun.  Even though a cold frosty morning, by 10:30am the sun was shining bright and it was perfect for sitting outside warmed by the sun sipping Earl Grey Jasmine (thats mine) and Scottish Brew (my son) whilst eating Dutch Poffertjies (or Little Dutch Pancakes).  I had maple syrup on my pancakes and my son had chocolate sauce.   It was almost too nice to get up and go home:) 

After our morning tea, we went and bought some tea to take home.  I bought Chai Chocolate which not only taste divine, the smell is gorgeous.  I plan to make this with hot milk rather than water which is perfect on a cold winters night (just before I go to bed). My son selected 2 strong teas-Java Bop-Santosa Estate and one that I can't remember the name of!!  All in all, it was a lovely couple of hours!
Soup is coming along nicely, just added the chicken and the cabbage.  To make it extra healthy and filling I have added a variety  of legumes including on called Adzuki beans (the red beans below) - they are meant to be extra healthy.  Has anyone tried them?
My DH loved mushy peas - this is a very English food - I only like it in soups and I usually add it at the end.  DH loves it with mash potato!!  I always have a few cans in the pantry just for him - bought 2 cans today as I was running low!  Its important to keep DH happy in the food department.
DH thought it was a great idea to buy a toy to help exercise Ruby (who is on a diet).  So what did he come home with - a helicopter.  The two photos below were taken whilst DH was learning how to fly - he had a number of crashes before mastering the skill.  See Ruby watching (bright eyes!!!) - she thought is was great.

Its 1pm, so I better finish off, go check the soup and think about lunch.

Have a wonderful week.



  1. your hubby sounds very demanding in the food department! your comments about that always make me laugh. I guess good food is important to all of us, isn't it? otherwise we would eat the same boring stuff all the time and no one would invent new recipes. I made my own spaghetti (shop bought dry spaghetti with some yummy additions)and I know that Sarah and I will enjoy that for tea tonight. Going to have to make some more soon as it has been every popular! My mother did have some very yum recipes!

  2. Excuse the lack of upper case letters, I am not good at reviewing what I write!

  3. Hi Jo

    Sounds like you had a good time, hope you continue to enjoy your weekend.

    God Bless - Nita

  4. Your morning tea sounds wonderful! Mushy peas sound revolting!!! :P That's hilarious re: the helicopter (and the excuse for buying it)!! Do boys ever become men?? Or are men all just boys deep inside??!! :)

  5. Sounds like a lovely tea shop visit with your son. That Chocolate Chai tea looks delicious.

    Mushy peas makes me think of vacation. Whenever we find a good English style fish and chip place, I always enjoy them with mushy peas.

  6. parTea lady - I think only the English eat mushy peas, I would never dream of eating them with pie and chips!! However they are lovely in pea soup!! I was introduced to a few new foods when I married a Welshman!

  7. Clara - no boys don't grow up and become men, well some don't.

  8. Jo- so many things here---
    First- the can of mushy peas made me laugh out loud! I've never heard of that- just sounds so funny!

    Second- who is your DH kidding- I know who that helicopter is for!! Why- because my sweet hubby has one too!! The kitties do think it is something to chase though- does Miss Ruby like it? I hate that she has to be on a diet- you tell her that she is not alone- I'm on a diet too!!



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