National Families Week

This week is National Families Week  (15–21 May) with the theme ‘Sticking together: families in good and tough times’. The aim of the week is to . . . encourage everyone to think about the things that make their family strong in both good and tough times whatever their circumstances. 

A relevant topic at the moment as many families both in Australia and overseas are struggle with increase pressures of raising children, the cost of living, lack of employment, affordable housing etc....  For many, times are tough and there isn't anything rosy around the corner. It all can get a bit depressing at times. 

For non-Christian families, it must look very bleak, with no hope, however for Christian families, there should always be hope and encouragement as you are not travelling alone. The power of pray is amazing and when things get tough in my home, I pray. . . . continually. . . My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up (Psalm 5:3). However my prayers are not always answered quickly (like I want them to be), sometimes I need to be patience, that patiences is part of my lessons in learning to follow God much more closely . .  rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him (Psalm 37.7). 

What is your secret for sticking together in the good and tough times? 

Here are some suggestions for "Family Week" suggested by Families Australia.
  • Encourage your family to make short movies on issues important to them – and then hold a “Movie Premiere Night”
  • Have a special family breakfast before work and/or school
  • Organise a family walkathon
  • Take some family photos
  • Have a family movie marathon
  • Have a family sports carnival
  • 'Adopt' a granny or grandpa at the local nursing home or hostel
  • Hold a family talent quest night
  • Have a family games night
  • Have a photographic display and family history night
  • Hold a poetry night
  • Honour families and youth who are an inspiration to you
  • Let the children make dinner for the adults – and choose the entertainment!

Evening, and morning, and at noon,
 will I pray, and cry aloud:
and he shall hear my voice.
Psalm 55:17

No matter how tough it is for your family, God is always near.

Be careful for nothing; 
but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Philippians 4:6


  1. How did I miss this post? My feed isn't working properly - it tells me you haven't written a post for a couple days!! I came over to check yesterday anyway, but never saw this post!

    Anyway, that list of ideas for family activities etc is interesting... I'm not sure about having families watch movies etc together - isn't that part of the problem? People are losing their ability to know how to spend quality time together because they are so used to having the TV on in the house??? Some of the other ideas are good though. Just recently we started a family games night, which I think will be really good for us! :) I like the idea of the children making dinner for the adults!!! :)

    Families are so vital - and I have read somewhere that the family that prays together stays together (or at least is more likely to stay together)!

  2. What about just eating together at every possible chance? Exercising together? Being a family? Does every moment have to be filled with out of home activity? I do wonder sometimes!

  3. Clara - I think the idea of a movie night is because families don't watch TV together, so all sitting down to a family movie would in fact be a novelty.

    Bets - When children become teenagers doing family activities start to dwindle as they are off doing other things. So often some of the family are out over meals etc... I find that I often have both of mine missing (well, one doesn't live at home anymore!). The times, they are changing!!

  4. Great post...great reminder...didn't know it was family week, I think we started off right this week...spent time last night around the piano, now I will try to make it a focus.
    Thanks for the encouragement


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