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The weather: It is overcast and cold, but warmer than earlier this morning when it was minus 3 (26.6F).  The washing is on the line, not sure if it will dry, the towels certainly won't!  We have had some very cold mornings of late - only the other day we started the day at minus 7 (19.4F).

What am I wearing: To keep me warm I am wearing a long woolen navy blue skirt, long sleeve cream t-shirt and a cream cardigan + slippers. 

What's cooking: As I write a vegetable and lentil soup is bubbling away on the stove (I've added a bacon bone to enhance the flavour) and in the oven is a "Rustic Chicken Casserole with chorizo sausages (my DH loves chorizos and wanted me to make something using them, happy to accommodate) - the latter will go in the freezer to be eaten later this week.

Around the house: For the last few days I could smell a chemical smell in the house but couldn't work out where it was coming from - it was worse when the house was cold.  No one else could smell it until yesterday afternoon when DH came home.  This morning when we got up we did a thorough search of the kitchen - checking all the cleaning products in search of a "smell".  And guess what it was . . .  a lemon that had gone off . . . turning to alcohol, hence the chemical smell.  What was strange was I had checked the fruit bowl on the weekend and everything was fine!! It is amazing how bad a lemon can smell when it is rotting!!

Outings: None really . .  all rather dull.  But I did go to grocery store this morning and picked up some vegetables for the soup, a bacon bone and 13 tins of sardines for the dogs!!

What am I thinking: About all the sadness in the world.  Why do people hurt others and their children.  The tragic news story of the father who killed his child, ex-partner and a friend.  Why are people driven to do these terrible things.  If only they knew the love of God and His wonderful word.  These stories break my heart.

Bible verse: Hasten, O God, to save me; O LORD, come quickly to help me (Psalm 70:1). I am sure we have all cried out these words to the Lord in our time of need.  Falling to our knees.  It is so comforting to know that at any time or place we can pray and call out for help. 

O'dear, what is the world coming to: I read today's paper and chuckled at the story of "rent a friend" - you can rent a friend for a fee to have a chat with, show you the sites, enjoy a coffee with etc..... ladies here is a new occupation for you!!!

That's all from me . . . I need to check the soup and casserole and as it is 12:16pm its time for lunch.  May you all have a wonderful weekend.  And THANKYOU to all the comments this week.  Always wonderful to hear from you.


  1. Hi Jo,
    We've been having below zero temps in the morning this past week, too.
    The frost took out my pumpkin vine one freezing night :-(
    It's time to sit by the woodstove and knit or read a good book :-)
    We also love hearty lentil soup and usually put bacon bones in it - yum!
    Enjoy your weekend and keep warm.

  2. I guess I should stop complaining about the low being around 8 degrees last week! It was 24 degrees today in Coffs - felt like a summer's day. Enjoyed reading your daybook list - I too was so saddened about the man who murdered his ex-partner, friend and their lovely daughter - hard to get out of my mind for I met this family when we stayed at their caravan park two years ago. Ironically, had quite a conversation about family life with him which I have always remembered. He introduced me to his partner and little girl - she was so cute. He was such a nice guy - can't believe he did what he did.
    I am so glad you loved the Dana's chocolate cake - it is such a great recipe and such an easy cake to make.

  3. Ann - how terribly sad to have met the family, that brought a tear to my eye. How bad can life really be to take the lives of an innocent child. I heard on the news it was due to a custody battle. You must have been shocked when it appeared on the news.

    And on a much happier note - yes the cake was great. So moist. Will be making it again, it would make a great birthday cake.

  4. It was such a beautiful day today - much warmer than it had been!
    That's weird about the lemon - have you been keeping the house warm? maybe that's why it went off so quickly?
    Sometimes I can barely stand to think about the sadness in this world... sometimes it's just too much. How it must grieve God. :(

  5. Agree with the bible verse...and had to laugh at the "rent a friend" in a society that can keep in touch better than ever in history and it is still lonely.

    Have a great weekend.


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