Art Wednesday: Carl Warner

Take a look at this picture, take a really close look - how was it created?

It is FOOD, hard to beleive -  Foodscapes!!

Carl Warner (born 1962-  ) 
Born: Liverpool, United Kingdom

I hope the following works of art help you if you have that fussy child who won't eat their dinner.  Here are some amazing ideas!!  At the end of these creations I will share with you how Carl Warner creates them, its very clever indeed.  I liked his work so much I have bought his book "Food landscapes" - which lists all the foods used in each photo and how they were created!

Sardines!! Just imagine the smell
You will never look at red cabbage quite the same way.
Complete with carrot stalactites, a pea pod boat, 
and sealife made of exotic fruits, cauliflower and broccoli.
Any left over bread?
Anyone for chocolate!
Salmons are used creates the sea
Carl Warner setting up one of his "Foodscapes"

The process usually starts with Warner drawing a sketch of the foodscape, then the set is created, and finally, he takes photos of it and retouches them on his Mac. It sounds simple enough, but the foodscapes are photographed in different layers, a laborious process that can take up to a few days. Warner also spends a lot of time staring at vegetables in the supermarket, which may sound weird, but finding the right looking veggies for a foodscape is very important to him!!

Each image takes two to three days to photograph and another few days on the computer to bring the photo together. 

Any food not used in the pictures are shared among the team, those used in the works are often super glued and therefore no longer ediable.

You can make art out of anything!!



  1. Wow! Can't wait to share this post with the children. Wonderful.

  2. lol I love this sort of this. So inventive & creative ~ though I would not want to work with the fishy things. EEWW!

  3. Wow, that is really amazing!! I too would hate the smell, but it is quite imaginative. And somewhat of a waste :(
    I wondered how big these foodscapes were - glad you included the picture showing how he does it! :)

  4. I LOVE IT!!!!!
    Jo, this is fantastic!
    What a brilliant mind he has to pull it all together so well.
    It makes you want to have a go at it yourself, lol!
    Playing with your food might not be so bad after all, :-)

  5. totally brillant - these are amazing! (some people have too much time on their hands!)



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