Encourage one another

We have a Christian duty
to encourage one another.
Many a time a word of praise
or thanks
or appreciation
or cheer
has kept a man (or woman)
on his (her) feet.
Blessed is the man (or woman)
who speaks such a word.

~ William Barclay ~

(I added the word woman for all us women who read this)

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, 
but also for the interests of others.
 Philippians 2:4 (NKJV)



  1. There is so much power in a word of appreciation or love or thanks... Such a word has the power to change our day! :)

  2. Yes and Amen...there is nothing better than being encouraged from another Christian and there isn't anything greater than encouraging anyone on this journey of life. I can't imagine life without the encouragement God brings through others to my life.
    Thanks for this word and for also being a source of encouragement.

  3. Oh yes! There is so much power in being encouraged. A kind word makes the whole day feel better.

  4. And the blessing of this is how great *you* feel when you know you've uplifted someone with your words. They feel good and you feel good, a total win-win situation!(o:

  5. So true! (and what a sweet little photo too :))

  6. Many times I think of how much I appreciate someone and forget to voice it to them. Thanks for the good reminder!

  7. Hi Jo,

    Amen to this and thank you for adding women.

    Encouragement is very important and sometimes not employed enough.

    Thank you and a hug for you. Nita.

    P.s. the picture is delightful and got a big ohhhh from me.


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