It's chilly

Several kangaroos brave a cold,
frosty morning at Orroral homestead in
Namadgi National Park, ACT, on June 6, 2011.
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. . . and that has been the weather this week . . . but to be honest  . . . as long as I was inside, it wasn't too bad at all. But I did feel sorry for the gardeners at my place of work, who start early, when it is still very frosty and the sun hasn't quite reached the courtyards and have to work outdoors.  They are tougher than me!

I was very pleased when I opened my parcel to find my new cream (cable) lambswool jump that I had ordered . . . just in time to wear (it's soooo warm!).

This is perfect weather for going to bed early with a good book and hot Chai tea (made with hot milk and no water) and hiding away from the elements. The cats usually join me as they appreciate the warmth of the bed too!  (Photo: not my cat - neither would do that!!)

I have also been making comfort food - perfect for cold nights.
  • Beef and mushroom casserole with suet dumplings
  • Butter chicken with rice
  • Chicken, leek and mushroom pie (this is a Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal and it tastes delicious - it comes from this episode: you tube)

What has the weather been like in your part of the world?






  1. Jo, that looks just like our backyard from earlier this week brrrr!!!
    We have blue sky and sunshine today but there's an icy blast outside too :-)
    Your cosy new jumper sounds lovely and your so do your wintr'y meals!
    Jamie Oliver comes up with some great ideas for quick dishes, doesn't he?
    My hubby enjoys that program and always wants me to take notes lol!
    Have a great weekend
    Trish x

  2. Love the kangaroo photo...just priceless! It has been so cold here also and we have had rain, rain and more rain. Enjoy your weenend Jo! xxx

  3. That kangaroo photo is amazing! To American eyes, that's quite the exotic sight. It's about 100 degrees Fahrenheit here, so I try to think of your winter and stay cool. I hope you are able to stay nice and warm this weekend!

  4. Amy - I have the slow cooker on cooking lentil soup and in the oven I have a Chocolate chip cookie slice - the house smells delicious. In the background Beethoven is soothing the mind:)

    Who wouldn't love a winters day?

    It is a beautiful photo of kangaroos, we forget how special they are. Its good to be reminded.

  5. That kangaroo picture was really neat to see! I can't even imagine seeing them all the time.

    To answer your last question it's been unseasonably HOT in my part of the world.

    Have a lovely weekend. (o:

  6. It's been very cold here too and now it's starting to rain again!

  7. Jo, is that the chocolate chip cookie slice from the Mennonite blog? How did it turn out? I made it and it was scrumptious, but Rossie made it and it was yuk - sorry, it really wasd - she was most disappointed, especially after she tried mine! Clara won't make it now! =) But maybe if you have had success she might be braver?

  8. So fun to here about the chilly weather--when it's so HOT here. We had 90 degree weather most of the week, and then some thunderstorms cooled things off a little. I'm glad--my lettuce in my garden would get bitter if it stayed that hot!!

  9. Bets, yes it was from the Mennonite blog and it turned out beautifully. I used dark chocolate bits and added walnuts. My taster is currently away (Caius) but I am pretty sure he will be happy with it. I did slightly under cook it as I wanted the chewy texture and perhaps a little to much chocolate but Cauis loves chocolate !!!

    It was SO easy and quick to make- strange that it didn't work. I thought the basic recipe could be adapted for other things eg marshmallow or M&M/smarties could be added instead of chocolate bits, white chocolate, even berries, sultanas or currents could be a possibility.

  10. Hi, I love your kangaroo picture too.

    It has also been chilly here this week, but the thing is it should be summer for us. spring and summer seem to have reversed this year, we had hot weather in late April and May and now it is quite cold again

  11. Oh Chia Tea...all year long. Looks like you are enjoying this wonderful season of the year...kangaroos, not something we see around here except the zoo.
    Well it is 100 here.

  12. Love the kangaroo picture! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Mod Podge is kind of a glue and sealer all in one. You put a layer of it on, stick the paper, then put another layer on top to seal it in. I've been addicted to the stuff since I bought it, and in a couple weeks will have another post with pictures of what I have been working on with it, so keep an eye open for that!

  13. Angel - thanks for that. I might have to see if it is available in Australia.


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