Our menfolk and healthy eating

I have written many blog stories about mums and women in general so I thought it was time to write about dads and men. One issue caught my attention - men's diets.

As I mentioned the other day, we have a obesity problem in Australia and as keepers of the home, we are responsible for the food our families eat (in particular the main meals). So when I read the following statistics it really got me thinking about the food I provide to my DH and to my family:
  • Over half (54%) did not usually consume sufficient serves of fruit.
  • More than 9 in 10 (92%) did not consume sufficient serves of vegetables.
  • Fewer than 1 in 20 (5%) usually consumed sufficient fruit and vegetables.
So it isn’t surprising to find that 26% of our males are obese, 42% are overweight and only 31% are normal week.  

These stats show how important to keep our men healthy and to try and keep them away from all those bad foods.  My DH has a particular liking to chips and lollies and even though I don’t buy them, he buys his own and stashes them away in the cupboard to nibble on in the evenings.  He also likes to eat ice-cream late at night so I make sure I only buy a small tub and only once a fortnight. It isn't perfect and he gets grumpy if I say anything so as long as he is eating this junk food in moderation, it shouldn't do too much harm.

My DH will generally eat anything I put in front of him, so making sure he eats enough veggies isn’t too bad.  As for fruit, I make sure the fruit bowl is full so he has plenty to choose from.

The hardest meal to have any control over is lunch—DH doesn’t take a packed lunch (as I do—he doesn’t like them) so I have no idea what bad things he eats during the day.  I know he drinks plenty of coffee.

God has blessed us by filling the earth with foods that are delicious, nutritious, and pleasurable, we need to make wise choices for our families.  As keeper of my home, this is a responsibility that I take seriously.

. . . and provides food for her family . . 
Proverbs 31:15

PS After writing this and almost ready to post I discovered that DH had gone and bought a (large) tub of KFC . . . . *sigh* . . . . REALLY BAD.  O well, as I said, I can't control all that he eats:(


On the subject of good foods, I finally got around to making granola - I used the Nigella Lawson recipe (slightly modified) and it made the house smell delicious and the granola was so GOOD.  Even DH and Son loved it. I particularly like the apple sauce that is included in the recipe. Smells like Christmas:)



  1. I did laugh over the huge tub of KFC, I must admit! Poor you!
    I guess allergies and intolerances have a really good side to them - hubby can't eat that kind of stuff and even has changed the name McDonald's to MuckDonald's, which gives you insight to how he views it! Too bad I love cheese burgers and have been craving one for months! =)

  2. Bets - there would have been a time that I would have loved a piece of KFC (even dreamed of eating it) but a couple of years ago we had some and it was so horrible I haven't touched it since.

    Also knowing how many calaries are in each piece is enough for me to avoid, it really is BAD FOOD:)

    Sometimes eating what you have been craving isn't a bad thing as you often discover it isn't as nice as you thought it would be.

  3. Hubby loves my home cooking. I tend to cook good old fashioned recipes that my grandma used to prepare. I do add a healthier side to it because hubby has a cholesterol problem.

    We dont do junk food anymore as of the beginning of this year. By doing this saves us money and is better for our health. On occasion when I have felt lazy and suggested junk food they asked whether there is something in the house to cook lol!

  4. Junk food comes and goes in phases and cravings. I dream of cooking everything myself all the time, but sometimes time and energy is lacking - must work towards better organisation or something so I can do it all! But yes - the content of unhealthy food is somewhat scary, really, and it's no wonder there are so many health problems in our time.

    As for granola - Dan LOVES it and I use my own recipe (adapted from my MIL's recipe), which is somewhat different from the recipe you linked to! The apple sauce is rather interesting - is the granola very sticky, or totally dried out??

  5. Clara - the apple sauce didn't make it sticky - it completely dried out and is crunchy.

    My oven was a little too hot so I burnt some of the nuts, but lesson learnt!! next time I will have it set at a lower heat.

    I also reduced the maple syrup (not that it was in the recipe!!) as I ran out, but that was fine. So basically I altered the recipe to what i had in the cupboard:)


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