Weight loss update

(they aren't my legs!)

After reading about the percent of Australia adults who are overweight (in 2007-08), I was more determined than ever to drop the kilos—did you know that 61% of adult Australians were overweight or obese. This rate was higher for men (68%) than women (55%), and higher for older people — 75% of 65-74 year olds were overweight or obese.

So how am I going—so far I have lost 15kgs and I can’t believe it.  I only have a few more kilos to go before I reach my ideal weight (these are taking the longest).  Once this is reached I would have dropped 2 dress sizes and now have a pile of clothes that need to be altered. 

The hardest part is going to be remain at the ideal weight and not avoid putting on weight.  This is tricky as it means maintaining my current eating habits, which means saying “no” to cakes and other sugary foods on most occasions—special treats only (chips are now a thing of the past).  I only read recently that most people who diet put all the weight back on plus more.  That is something I DO NOT want to do so will need to remain vigilant. 

In January of this year, loosing weight was just a dream—it would have seemed unattainable, just far too hard—but I have done it and can’t help feeling overjoyed.

So if I come and visit—
no cakes or biscuits please!! 


As for Ruby, my gorgeous cat (who is also dieting)— some evenings she comes to me with her tiny little meow, then races back to her bowl to show me that it is empty and could she PLEASE have a little more.  Moderation is the key, so she now gets a little extra rather than the whole can!!  I also have her running after a tennis ball—up and down the hallway—seems to be making a differences.



  1. I get the hint - no cakes and biscuits! But what if I need them? Will I have to hide to eat them? Sarah has cake/biscuits too!
    Very proud of you, by the way!

  2. Bets - I don't mind people eating in front of me!! and no you don't need to hide the "bad" foods. I do eat cake occasionally but not every day like I use to. I had some yesterday and it tasted sooooo good:)

    PS I have had brownies in my house for the last few weeks and haven't touched one. I make them for Caius who loves them for dessert.

  3. Congratulations, Jo!! Great job!

  4. Congratulations Jo! yea the last few kilos are the hardest, don't know why but they seem to be:(

  5. That's wonderful, Jo!! Don't worry - we don't always have cake and biscuits in our house, and I will try not to tempt you too much when you visit next month!! We're trying to eat really healthily too because DH is really struggling to lose weight and I'm afraid the stress of his job is making it impossible because stress can lead to comfort eating. :(

  6. Congratulations, that is FANTASTIC! (o:

  7. GOOD for YOU dear Jo! I am so happy for you with your successful weight loss efforts. I know how hard it has been - (I am in the same rocky boat!) I am about 7 pounds from my goal and the last pounds are the hardest to drop for sure! We will keep going though won't we!!




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