Writing job applications

My son is currently writing job applications and he is finding it very hard work.  It can take him well over a week to write an application and I often read them for grammar and content.  At the moment he is applying for jobs within the Australian government and they have very particular criteria, such as these (I think many adults would struggle with these, let alone a 23 year old):
  • Achieves Results by working with clearly defined outcomes and generally meeting targets while demonstrating a flexible approach to changing requirements.
  • Demonstrates Personal Drive and Integrity by displaying enthusiasm towards work and being open to feedback on own performance relating to strengths and limitations.
I realised (perhaps too late) that at school he was never taught to write applications - to write about his skills and abilities and to "sell himself" to others (without coming across as boastful).

I was wondering if, as homeschoolers, you taught (or will be teaching) the skill of writing job applications or preparing resumes?

If a person is going for a job along with 60 other people, their application needs to stand out and that is where it becomes tricky, especailly if you have skills that are similar to everyone else.  The aim of an application is to get an interview -  so it needs to stand out and say "look at me" - and that is hard to put on paper. 

I pray for my son that he is able to find a (better) job that offers security, good workings condition and a path for promotion as he takes on the role of husband and one day father.  Prayers are needed as in the current climate of cut backs, government departments are less inclined to employ, making job hunting even harder.



  1. lol, I am a former public servant and don't you love those 'selection criteria'!
    hmm, Rebekah is only 7 so I hadn't thought that far into the future yet but I can see that if she is homeschooled all the way this would definitely be something I'd have to teach her:)

  2. joyfulmum - my son tears his hair out over those criteria, some re just nasty and I am not sure if they really get the 'right" people for the job - perhaps people are just good at responding to these.

  3. Definately a skill which is needed by all. Homeschoolers often cover these type of things in what ever curriculum they use but I found it was all part of life skills with my older ones. They both got early part time jobs from the old pounding the pavement and asking tecnique and then went into jobs they applied for. Not quite up to this yet with my boys but they will need to learn the skill of making your positives sound good as they are both challenged with academic work and won't be able to shine that way.
    Thanks for commenting at my place Jo. I have missed all the news from blog friends, but I have been away too long to read all the posts in between. I hope you and your family are going well. Freezing down there no doubt?

  4. Ruby - thanks for dropping by - yes it is cold, but my cave is toasty warm. I love nothing better than going to be at night under my very warm and cosy doona - its wonderful:)

  5. Like Rosemary, I hadn't really gotten that far yet seeing as our Littles are still so little, but yes, when it comes to the right time, I will have to do a lot of research and learning myself (seeing as these things do change over the years) to help my son learn to write applications. It's really all about selling yourself, and that can be hard to do if you want to be humble as God commands us! Something I've always said to Dan to try to encourage him when he applies for jobs - even if you write the most terribly application or resume ever (though not for lack of trying - we obviously need to try diligently to do our best at it), if that is the job for you, God will make it so! :) We can only do our best and leave the rest to Him! :) Prayer is our best support when job hunting!


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