Book review: The Worn Out Woman

The Worn Out Woman:
When your life is full and your spirit is empty (link)
by Dr Steve Stephens and Alice Gray

This is a great book.  Full of ideas for women who are worn out and need ways of recharging their batteries.  Who doesn't fall into this category from time to time?  I certainly do.  As it is designed for Christian women, the stories, advice and ideas have a Christian focus and they are easy to do for those of us who lead busy lives. 

For example, the chapter on "simplicity" gives you ideas to unclutter your mind (eg turn of the TV or computer for 24 hours) or unclutter the house (eg walk around with a basket and gather up a few things that you are willing to give away and take to a charity store).  The chapter on "worry" suggests reading Matthew 6:25-34 and meditating on these fabulous words or consider doing something (I love this suggestion) like flying a kite!!  Some advice is serious and thought-provoking, others like flying a kite is fun.

Here is the Amazon description: For the growing number of women who want to drop out because they are stressed out, this easy read provides practical solutions. Women can immediately apply these tools and strategies for limiting commitments, identifying gifts, dealing with emotions, nurturing the spirit, burying anxieties, facing the past, celebrating accomplishments, developing a support network, and protecting dreams. The Worn-Out Woman will help the reader trade in a life of running on empty for a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. She will find and recapture her passion, finally realizing the great potential God gave her.

When I read a chapter at night, I don't want anything heavy or taxing, I want a book that is practical and understanding of real women, to me, this book was just right.

Some of those little quotes I have posted on Fridays have come from this book, it contains many more.



  1. This book is my favourite and your blog is very important for me to getting informative information about my favorite book. I am waiting for its new edition.

  2. Sounds like a good book - tonight I am feeling worn out!! I like the idea of flying a kite too - must do that sometime!! The last time I flew a kite was in USA! :)

  3. Sounds good...and glad to know that I have been doing some things right...I even posted on us flying a kite...and it did bring such refreshing and refreshment...thanks for the review


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