Chilly weather

Its been really cold.  

At 7:00am yesterday morning it was -8C (17.9F) with an apparent temperature of -10C (14F). The coldest winters morning in 17 years.  By midday (when I sat outside in the sun) the temperature had risen 18 degrees to 10C (50F).

This morning wasn't any better.

Check out the black swans below - they are white due to the frost on their feathers.  I wonder if they feel the cold like we do?

Photos from the local newspaper: link


Happy weekend to all my lovely readers.

Do you have any special plans?



  1. Having done that sewing, and spent some time in the sun, it has been a good day. Tomorrow is busy as end of month Sundays tend to be, but nothing extraordinary - I hope!
    Hope you get a chance to warm up!

  2. it's a good thing you don't mind cold weather! I'm very glad for our warm days here.
    The photo with the swans is amazing - I've never seen a creature (bird or other animal) with frost on it like that before!

    Yesterday was very busy with something like 6 hours in the garden, followed by a mini-birthday celebration for Miss Dolly... but today has been much quieter! This afternoon was very relaxing - feet up and reading a book! :)

  3. We are having breaking record heat here...another week of 107!
    Stay warm and we are looking of the cooler weather.

  4. Frost on their feathers! I have never seen anything like that - poor babes! They are beautiful - its hard to believe that their feathers keep them warm!


  5. Vicki - I hope their feathers are keeping them warm, I felt sad for them. They need one of your jumpers:)


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