That's me in the garden writing a letter.

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us.
Oscar Wilde

What memories from 
your childhood do you treasure most?


Here are a few of mine:

Family day trips - my dad loved to take us on outings in the countryside.  Sometimes extended family would come along and we would all have a picnic and walk - it made the outing even more exciting.

The gathering of family and friends to enjoy parties, picnics and afternoon games of tennis.

Wandering the farm creating imaginary worlds and friends.

Escaping into the world of literature - a lifelong love that has remained.

Being introduced to classical music.

Been read to as a child.

Singing hymns on Sunday evenings.

Cosying up to the wood fire on a Sunday afternoon in winter.

Enjoying the clothes my mother handmade for me.

The smell of mowed lawn on a Saturday afternoon in summer.

Having long conversations with my cousin late into the night when all others had gone to bed.

Lying on the grass and watching the clouds float by imaging they were dogs or cats or mice.

Swinging high on the swing pretending it was taking me across the sea to exotic places.

. . . and my dad's potato pancakes on Sunday evenings which we covered with tomato sauce.


  1. All pretty good.
    Glad mown grass is a good memory - I did the mowing much of the time!!
    yes, potato pancakes, cooked in dripping, crispy, with the kitchen filled with blue smoke fumes, the other for me was tomato soup in ramikans on Sunday night, or that bowl of pea and ham soup for lunch during winter!!

  2. Forgot about the pea and soup for sunday lunch after the Meeting (That was so good in winter). I use to add salt to "cool" it down!!!

    Plus a large pile of corn on the cob for dinner:)

  3. Jo,
    What sweet memories you have, and what a great exercise to think on what we love most about our childhoods. :) Beautiful post.

  4. It is good to make a list of our memories. In fact, that is why I began blogging; because I wanted to make sure my kids had them as well. And...I feel like I am getting old and forgetful so I better have them in writing now!!! haha

  5. Sounds like you had some very memorable childhood memories. I could relate to the one about the swing. I used to think the same thing when I was young girl.

  6. I often disappear into a world of memories... both sad and happy. Having a memory can be both a gift and a curse (depending on the memory). The good ones are the best ones to dwell on! :)

    Your memories sound so fun/lovely! So many of those things sound wonderful on this dreary, dull, rainy day!!

  7. What a beautiful peaceful photo, Jo.

  8. Golden childhood memories, Jo!
    cold in CQ tonight. It must be freezing in your part of the country?

  9. Ruby, yes cold, but I am sitting in a very warm house with a pink fluffy blanket over my legs:) I am in my cave and feeling very cosy:)

  10. what a great picture of you Jo!your love of writing goes way back:) I can just imagine you now with your ipad :)


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