The start of my journey

I started my journey by train-a perfect way to begin a holiday.  I rarely catch trains so this was quite a novelty but one I very much enjoyed and plan to do again.  I left Canberra at 6:45am which turned out to be perfect as I was able to  see the heavy frost on the grass and watch the sunrise over the hills. 
Ready to leave.
Seats were very comfortable and I was able to sleep for part of the trip.
One very nice hot chocolate, perfect on a cold morning.
The trip from Canberra to Sydney takes 4 hours, whilst a plane trip takes 29 mins (55 mins including waiting to take off, taking off and landing) so rail is not the fastest way to travel but certainly far more relaxing. No wonder the Victorians enjoyed it so much.
Sunrise from the train - it was beautiful to watch unfold.
A wind farm we past on our way.  Even though I would not want to live near a wind farm I do like their sculptural affect on the landscape.
A creek we past on the way.  It was a very frosty morning and the grass was white for most of the trip.
Passing a cottage just before sunset (should have said sunrise!!).
One of the many stations we past through.



  1. Looking forward to more!

  2. Great photos, Jo! It sounds like a really nice train trip. Looking forward to seeing more photos! :)

  3. That looks like a lovely journey. I agree that traveling by train just feels so much more relaxing. I try to take trains rather than flying when I can.

    In the United States, it's also nice to travel by train because airports tend to be far on the outskirts of a city while the train will often drop you right in the middle of everything. I hope everything is going well!


  4. How lovely Jo...I am looking forward to more also! Where are you heading to? xxx

  5. Sarah - I went to Sydney for a week (last week).

  6. Great photos Jo, especially the one of sunrise! looking forward to seeing more:)

  7. Jo- a trip on a train would be so delightful-- ( I HATE to fly!!) relaxing on a train, watching the world go by- that's my kind of travel--

    Ps- that photo of Ruby in the wok is hilarious!


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