Washing hair?

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Did you know that — dirty hair has become de rigueur for the most conventionally fashionable. Washing hair has become positively passe. Wow, things I learn from reading the newspaper!!!  (see full article)

This is a not conversation I would have with everyone —BUT  I use to wash my hair everyday. It is a job I don’t really enjoy as it involves the hair dryer and the hair straighter (for the fringe) and product (several different types). 

Feeling a bit lazy I started leave my hair unwashed over the weekend and discovered that I could leave my hair a couple of days and it still looked fine. In fact, I doubt if anyone has noticed that I don’t wash my hair everyday.  It doesn’t go oily and at the moment hasn't lose its curl (so no flatness).  In fact the curl hasn’t looked better.  

So far I have left it three days but I am sure it could last four (I know this doesn't sound very radical - but for me it has been!!).  It will be interesting during summer but I’m hoping it will be just as fine.

How often do you wash your hair? (I won't share it with anyone)

Have you tried the “no-poo” treatment?  I haven’t been game to do this as I love my hair conditioner —it turns rough hair so smooth and soft. 

Have you tried spray-in dry shampoo —according to the article it not only absorbs grease but lifts the hair.  If you believe what you read, dry shampoo is the latest thing in hair!!!

Does anyone know if brushing your hair lots helps to keep it from become too oily (as the Victorian ladies use to do)?

PS Another positive of no washing so often—it really does save on hair shampoo/conditioner.

Do you have any tips on hair washing? What works best for you?



  1. Hi there! I just popped over from "The Armchair Housewife". :)

    I've seen the dry shampoo in the stores but have never tried it. I have left my hair for probably 2 days at most without washing. It does have a lot more body when I leave it. I just can't stand knowing that my hair is "dirty". :P

    Love your blog! :)


  2. Hi Laura - thanks for dropping by, nice to meet you.

    I have often wondered "what is dirty hair", is it really dirty after a few days. I am a bit like you - thinking it is dirty, when it probably isn't at all!! Have we been conned by the shampoo industry who just want to sell us lots of shampoo?

  3. Well Jo, I have very long hair ~ down to my butt ~ & it takes forever to dry. Washing is a real chore so I only do it about once a week. I wear a covering so really, my scalp doesn't get that grotty. My hair does better with less washing & allowing the natural oils to work their way along the full length of my hair with brushing. I think we wash too much ~ but I have allergy issues anyway & I prefer good stinky sweat any day over any of the perfumes that are migraine triggers for me so perhaps not the best opinion on this topic. lol

  4. Because my hair is so curly, which requires loads of product and lots of drying time, I only wash it about every 3-4 days. I can wash it (shampoo, conditioner, leave in spray, mouse, another spray, dry with a diffuser) and it will look good down for two days. Then I can put it up for another 2 days and it still looks nice. It does save heaps on hair product. I've used dry shampoo on my grandmother when she was bedridden (20 years ago)--funny article. Nothing new under the sun really.

  5. Long hair means you just can't be bothered to wash it very often. I get lazy too, or find time has left me behind, so it goes yet another day.
    No shampoo seems to keep it clean for long though. They used to sell oily hair shampoo, until the world went mad and started washing hair every day. Now I just use something cheap - looks good the day after you wash it, but then you just hope no one is looking too hard =)
    Hormones don't help - they are at fault for oily hair, I am convinced, and a whole lot of other things I could do without!!! =)

  6. Hi, Interesting blog. I find 3/4 days fine, but could not do without shampoo/conditioner and other products, especially hair spray to hold it in place.

    Have a good week - God Bless - Nita

  7. As you probably remember from our conversation on this subject, I only wash my hair once a week and have gone "no poo" for a few weeks now. I haven't noticed any bad effect on my hair from not using shampoo - it's still clean and conditioned and softer than ever before and no more oily than before. What I have also noticed is that my rather straight hair has started having a wave/curl to the ends of it since I stopped using shampoo. I did a little research on it and found there is good reason for that - shampoo actually changes our hair from its natural state and damages it because of the chemicals... Hoping to write a blog post on this subject myself sometime, including the information I've learned.

    I definitely think we've been "had" by the shampoo industry, though!

  8. Bonnie, I also have curly hair and use a range of products to manage the curl. However I have noticed the curl does better with less washing and I think part of this is due to less damage from using the hairdryer and straighter.

    Clara, we certainly have been conned by the shampoo industry who have convinced us that our hair is dirty after one day. As a child I only washed my hair once a week and it never went oily or horrible (only knotty).

  9. Interesting post, and something that has been on my mind of late, as I've started using a different, slightly more expensive shampoo. AS a result, I've gone down to washing every other day from every day. I do still rinse it thoroughly at night when I shower, as I find that it styles better the next day if I do that. I also make a serious effort not to blow dry my hair, as I think it is quite bad for hair. I don't know if I'll ever be able to go three or four days inbetween....maybe in the winter time. Right now it is too humid, and I feel too grungy!

  10. Oh funny and yet fun post. I have never washed everyday, because my grandmother was a beautician and said it was bad for us, we needed the nature oil.

    I have heard of putting baby powder in your hair to remove some of the oil and then brush out...I have used this in a crunch, when my hair was oilier than I realized and I needed to go somewhere.

    Sounds very natural to me...more like the 60's


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