Around the home: decorations

I'm not one for spending big to decorate my home .  .  . I like to do things myself, I like the personal touch.  Here is one of my little creations. I bought the red vase from eBay for a few dollars and decided it needed a little jazzing up with some flowers. The flowers are from the craft store.
Can you see the little "lady beetle pegs" - I thought they were such a cute idea!
A few of my treasures displayed on a small bookcase. The dutch children in the middle come from eBay, likewise the silver jug and the small pot on the bottom self. It is amazing what you can find on eBay that is inexpensive and in very good condition.  As you can see, like to go for things with lots of colour.
A cheap little bowl from the dollar shop filled with seashells.
The picture in the middle is a pop out card which I have placed in a shadow box that I bought at the hardware store. In summer I will stain the timber so it looks a little warmer in colour. You will notice that inside the shadow box is a crystal (Swarovski) duck - my son gave this to me for my birthday and as it is very precious I wanted it somewhere safe that Ruby (cat) won't touch - its very safe inside the shadow box!!  I love these shadow boxes (for around $7) as you can do so many things with them - and when I get bored with the content, it just change it.



  1. You are so creative Jo, what a gift! I'm enjoying reading and catching up on what you've been upto this past week:) Lifeline bookfairs are great aren't they! love how you can find so many treasures for so cheap there and yes our problem is also where to place them when we get home lol!

  2. I love your red jug, Jo!!
    The flowers look really good in it.
    And the dutch delft couple are very sweet!
    I also have shells in a blue and white bowl :-)
    Thanks for showing us some lovely pics of your home.

  3. Hmmm, a light house, wonder how that got there...!!!

  4. Dear Anom, mine is safe, I hope the other lighthouse is as well!!

  5. I LOVE those cute pegs!! Love the bright colours too! :)

  6. Hi Jo - this red vase is fabulous. It is lovely with the flowers - I can just see it later with a holiday arrangement - the color just pops!

    Love the seashell bowl too - that is SO me. Honestly - I did a LOT of decorating at our Florida beachfront condo with items that I bought from the dollar store - who would know?

    There is nothing wrong with thrifty - I am all about it my self too! Your decorations are lovely in your home~~



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