What did I buy?

What a lovely day I have had.  My friend (Gill) and I arrived at the book-fair at 10:15am and we left by midday when our trolleys were overflowing and our feet were sore.  We both could have bought far more, but there is a point were you need to stop and that is usually when I run out of room. So what did I buy?

These three are for my 18 year old (CR) - he loves anything to do with oceans and fish so he should be happy.  The one on oceans is a large hard-covered book with great photo spreads.
The pasta book is for my 23 year old son, I own this cookbook and use it quite a bit, however TC wanted to "steal" it, so I was pleased to find a copy he could keep. My youngest (CR) loves mushrooms, so this cookbook should give him some ideas. 
An art dictionary is always useful to have and the "Stolen Treasures" looked very interesting - it particularly looks at the art that went missing during the Second World War.
Bill Bryson writes interesting books about "stuff" and this one is about lots of stuff!! so should be very interesting!!  Ella is about Grand Duchess Elisabeth, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, who marries into the Russian royal family and like most, did not survive the revolution. "Testament of Youth" is an account of Vera Brittain's life during World War One as a nurse. These all should be very interesting books.
These are 2 very large hard-backed craft books full of heaps of ideas - should be able to find lots of things to make!!
The English Building Book looks at all the different styles of buildings across England and give a brief description of each style. I always enjoy a good photography book.
I have read this book - it is excellent, but I don't own a copy, so when I saw it cheap I thought I would add it to my collection!
I bought this book as it has beautiful large coloured photos of houses - I know nothing about the "old Toronto House", but I liked the book!! Perhaps one day when I have time, I will try and draw some of them.
This book was in perfect condition, full of beautiful coloured plates and for $10 was a real bargain.  I will add it to my collection of art books. 
In quite good condition considering it was printed in 1889. Beautiful illustrations.I am going to enjoy reading it.


After the book-fair, my friend Gill and I went out for lunch.  The weather (even though windy) was beautiful, so we sat in the sun, ate our lunch and chatted.  I had zucchini puffs with cucumber yoghurt dip and a very yummy salad + ice coffee. Couldn't think of a better way to spend the day!!

Now I need to find a home for all these books - this is the hardest part of the day!!



  1. What a wonderful day! I am so jealous!

  2. What a great collection! :) I have that Pasta cookbook too!!! :) As for the craft ones - they look like a lot of fun and ideas! :) We have The Times Atlas of the World and it is really beautifully made - I can imagine the Oceans one must be great.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day - enjoy your books! :)

  3. What a great haul you've had today! and what a great way to spend the day.
    I like the look of a number of those titles, Mao's Last Dancer being the only one I have read. Of course, Ihave read Aesop's Fables but not that lovely ancient edition.

  4. What a good day of books! I read the Vera Brittain in college and I remember it being beautifully written and very poignant because the author suffered through many losses in WWI.

  5. Oh!!! Wonderful books! Looks like you are going to be delightfully busy! :)

  6. Sounds like you found a good collection of books on various subjects. I truly love books, so I think it would be quite "dangerous" for me to "let me loose" at a book fair. :)

  7. Hi Jo - you DID have a great day! I love your book selections - I would have gone for some of the same ones myself.

    You have such varied interests - that is one of the things that I love about you. (that's a compliment - it means I think you are super smart!)

    Sounds like your girl day was Perfect - zucchini puffs - I am so there!



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