After lunch today I couldn't help but have a small slice of cheesecake.  It was my son's 19th birthday yesterday and this was so delicious.  No, I didn't make it.  Its the only time of the year that I buy a fancy cake and my sons choose what they want. This one was a baked cheesecake covered in chocolate - very wicked!! My son has taken half of it to share with all his friends, I hope he eats what is left because it I shouldn't eat any more.

After all those calories  I thought I would take a "turn" in the garden, as Jane Austin would say. Whilst smelling the jasmine, admiring the tomatoes and tasting the spinach I picked this little posy of sweet-pea and lavender.  So now when I wash the dishes I can admire the flowers.

My DH likes to eat a biscuit at night when he gets up for a drink of water - strange I know but a habit he has had for years.  So I make biscuits for him, this weeks are similar to my ANZAC recipe but modified slightly - everything is based on the one cup measure!  One cup of rolled oats, 1 cup of coconut, 1 cup of currents, 1 cup of brown sugar, 1 cup almond flakes, 1 cup of honey/golden syrup (mixed), 1 cup plain flour, spices and butter (200g).  They turned out really well!  I try and make something different each week.  Last week was lemon biscuits and the week before ginger.



  1. Now they are some lovely looking goodies...all of them! That cheesecake looks divine!

    Sorry for my absence. I have been having a bit of screen free time lately...I have missed checking in on my favourite blogs, and now I have so much to catch up on :)


  2. YUM...I am a sucker for cheesecake! I just adore the china the cake is on too! :) Happy Birthday to your son! x

  3. aww, I'm just thinking how sweet it is that you bake different biscuits each week for your hubby -now that's "homemaking" ! :) love the look of the cheesecake but alas I can't have it due to lactose intolerance. I also love the china it's on. happy b/d to your son!

  4. What beautiful purple flowers! All I see right now outside my window are dead leaves and dying grass. Some springtime color is nice!

  5. Mmmm... cheesecake! And those biscuits sound good!
    The flowers are beautiful, Jo!! :)


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