Art Wednesday: The Queens of England

Queen Elizabeth II has been in town staying just down the road at Government House.  Sadly, no she didn't come to visit me personally therefore we were unable to share a delightful afternoon tea together!! I am sure we would have had a lovely time.  And no, I didn't wait in any crowd to see her - I could have, in fact I probably would have had a very good view, but I had better things to do such as picking up my husband that ranks higher than the Queen of England!

So to commemorate her 16th visit to Australia (and possibly her last as she is getting on in age - now 85) I thought this Art Wednesday would be "Queens of Great Britain" - they are in no particular historical order!! Of course, most of these Queens became a Queen as a result of marriage - not many were Queens in their own right such as Queen Elizabeth I and II.  My favourite among these photos is "The Queen Mother" - it is a beautiful painting, almost photographic.

Anne Boleyn by a unknown artist
The second wife of Henry VIII who sadly lost her head.
The mother of Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I, 2nd daughter of Henry VIII
painted by George Gower
Just imagine this on a hot or humid day!
 The Queen Mother
Mother of Queen Elizabeth II
painting by Richard Stone
 The young Queen Victoria in her coronation robes
painted by Charles Robert Leslie
Queen Anne, wife of William, the daughter of James II and VII
painting by Sir Godfrey Kneller
Queen Mary I, eldest daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon
She wasn't a particularly nice Queen and in this painting she certainly doesn't look very cheerful.
Lady Jane Grey, Queen for nine days before she was executed - a very tragic story.
painting by Fredrick Richard Pickersgill
This was painted many years after her death.
Queen Alexandra, daughter to the King Christian IX of Denmark
painting by I. Snowman
The wedding of King George V and Mary of Teck (her full name was Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes).  Mary had been engaged to George’s older brother but he died before they could marry. So the younger brother married Mary and she became Queen.
The Queen as a young girl - Princess Elizabeth of York at the age of 7 
painting by Philip Alexius de Laszlo



  1. Yes, I like the one of the Queen mother, too.
    As for King George V's wife's name - WOW, what a mouthful!!
    I can't imagine being a queen - but that's all the Commonwealth has known for SO many years now - won't it be strange when/if we have a king next??
    It's funny, because Queens have such regal bearing etc, it's hard to imagine them as children!!!!
    I do believe Queen Elizabeth said her LAST visit was her last, so only time will tell if THIS one is her last!! haha!

  2. What a unique post! I loved it. I once stood in a crowd in Scotland to meet the queen and her mother. One of my favorite memories.

  3. I've always thought that "our Liz" was and is a beautiful woman. Some of these other protraits are lovely too. The Queen Mum was always so sweet and gentle looking. Love the dresses in the George V wedding one.

  4. Yes indeed picking up your dh was more important :)
    though if it were me I would have had to negotiate that one with my dh lol!


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