Furry photos

Now that my sons are grown up, they no longer like having their photos taken.  Nor does my DH.  The dogs don't stand still long enough and Charlie (cat) sleeps and that isn't very exciting.  So Ruby is my only living creature in the house that likes to have her photo taken and therefore I am going to bore you with some of these photos.
Ruby is an indoor cat and has never ventured outdoors in her life.  As she gets upset when I got outside, I thought I would buy her a harness. These were taken on her first day out.  She was very nervous and I have scratches to provide this!!  She did enjoy the outing, but those birds that she loves to watch through the window are scary in real life!!
Discovering the water bowl.
New smells - Rosemary.
Since Ruby has been outside a couple of times, she has decided that indoors are, in fact, a much nicer place to be!!
Safely inside again!!  Ruby's favourite spot at the moment is the table by the front window.  However the towel she has been sleeping on is pretty ugly, so I've made a cover which I think looks so much nicer.  It is also fleecy so softer for Her Royal Highness.
Being an indoor cat I thought Ruby needed some Cat Grass - however she finds it very hard to eat (as she isn't use to eating grass) but it is fun to play with.
My sweet cat (Ruby) loves to sit next to these two guys.  Do you think she has any idea they "look" like cats? Or does she want to look like one of them and trick us!! Or, does she think they are lonely and she wants to keep them company?


  1. I love your cat photos,
    I think our cat may have to become an indoors cat too.
    I don't know if she will like it but after her recent experience maybe this is the best time to try it out..
    What is it with grown up boys getting their photos taken? my 25year old hates his photo taken too. Then wonders why I haven't any good photos of him.
    thank you for your post it has brightened my day.


  2. Jo, your parcel just arrived! Thank you so much xox

  3. As a cat person I am besotted with your Ruby.

  4. What a cute kitty! I love seeing pictures of people's animals.

    I also want to thank you for the kind and encouraging and thoughtful comments you have left for me on my blog during my illness. You are a dear. :o)

  5. Jo- I love your Ruby photos-- I'm a member of the Ruby fan club for sure. She is so beautiful. She must have been excited for her first outing-- love the kitty harness AND her pretty bed cover!



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