Garden update

Just before summer I always mulch the garden - it helps the garden cope with hot dry conditions. So the weekend just gone was mulching time - not something I really enjoy doing as it is hard work.  On Friday we had 1 cubic metre of organic soil delivered (for the vegetable garden) and on Saturday we had 2 cubic metres of tan bark and 1.5 cubic metre of white gravel.  In total this is a lot of stuff to move.  DH moved 1/2 the soil on Friday and filled the raised veggie garden bed (see below). 
However, with half the soil left and needing to find a home for it - I had to think of where to put it. So I was up early on Saturday morning (in the garden by 7am) to create another spot to grow veggies or flowers.  This meant removing plants that were in the space and transplanting them somewhere else.  Its going to work out really well as this is a lovely sunny spot, perfect for pumpkins, cucumbers and zucchinis.
The bark and gravel arrived at 8am (the soil had all been moved by then), so DH moved the gravel and I moved all the bark.  And what were the conditions we did this in - it was COLD, GREY and WET.  It rained the entire time we worked in the garden.
I put on my warmest track pants, wooliest jumper and beanie to keep the head warm and worked as fast as possible.  By the end (at 10:30) I was soaked with cold hands and the bottoms of my trackies were muddy and wet.  I looked quite a sight!!  The clothes went into the washing machine and I hopped into the shower to warm up. 
The bark makes all the differences - both in trapping water and keeping the garden cool in summer, but it looks nice too.
A view of our front garden once all the hard work was completed - looking quite good. And it isn't raining, the rain stopped almost as soon as we finished.  Typical!!
It worked hard all morning.
This is me relaxing after a days hard work (in the rain).
And this is what we made for dinner - I made the easy part (salad) whilst DH decided he would like to make Cornish Pasties (link).  The pasties were delicious and perfect after such a busy day.  I am SO glad it is all done for another year.



  1. Beautiful photos! :) Hope you are having a lovely day!

  2. What a lot of work - and you did it so quickly!! how annoying that the weather improved after you were done (but so typical, as you said!).
    I'm looking forward to hearing how your gardening ventures go - we're both going to be eating lots of fresh vegies this summer-Autumn, Lord willing!! :)
    Good work, Jo! :)

  3. wow, that definitely is a lot of hard work! no wonder your garden looks amazing!
    (btw, we thought about coming down to the Floriade on Sat but the weather forecast for Canberra wasn't so good so we ditched the plan) :(

  4. Wow! I am very impressed with your dedication to taking such care of your garden. It sounded like a lot of work, and I am sure that working in the rain made the process more difficult.

    The results look great though! You certainly have a beautiful garden. I just hope you and hubby don't catch colds from working in the rain for several hours. :(

  5. I agree, mulching is hard work ~ but worth it. We just use the sugarcane mulch which is quite cheap [comparatively] & does the job. You have a most lovely garden. I love it!

  6. Ganeida - I use sugar cane with my vegetable garden but as it doesn't last as long I prefer tan bark on the remainder of the garden. Sugar cane mulch is quite expensive here.

    I must say I preferred mulching in the rain rather than heatwave - done that before and it was exhausting.

  7. Madame Wildflower - I was also concerned that we might get colds, but so far we are well. Interestingly, it did take me all day to warm up afterwards. I was hoping my son would help, but he was at a friends and slept in!!

  8. You (plural) have done a great job.


  9. I love the look of your garden! I am not a gardener but I can really appreciate all the hard work you've put into it. Lovely meal to end the day too.

  10. Amazing work in your garden Joluise you can come and help in mine! Shaz in Oz.x


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