The morning

The morning is the time for reviewing the actions and events of the previous day, and for forming, for that which has commenced, a new set of plans, upon the convictions which such a calm and impartial review is calculated to produce.  The morning is the time for gathering our thoughts together, for arranging our resources, and for asking with humble reverence that Divine assistance, without which, we have no right to expect that the coming day will be spent more satisfactorily than the past.

The Wives of England: Their relative duties, domestic influences and social obligations 
by Sarah Ellis Stickney, 1843


  1. I like this quote, although I must confess that sometimes, my mornings are not quite as organized as this, but they should be.

    The book where you obtained this quote sounds interesting as well. Where did you find it?

  2. Dear Madame Wildflower - I read this book as an ebook via the British National Library - but here is the Google link. I think you will enjoy it.

  3. I think this is SO true - I need thinking time in the mornings... I think on the days I don't have time to think and prepare myself for the day, my day doesn't go as smoothly!! My thinking time is important for me to "plan" my day, and also important for prayer. Sometimes it's hard to get that time, with little children around - so sometimes my thinking time comes a little later in the day while I'm wandering around my garden - but it comes at some point or another!!

  4. What a lovely thing to aspire to. So peaceful.

  5. Hmmmm- pretty smart thoughts for an earlier era----. If we all did that- well- we'd have better days for sure! Worthy of some reflecting Jo-


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