Now that the summer is almost here I have started to wear t-shirts.  I like t-skirts, they are comfortable and go with anything—and they can be jazzed up or worn casual. BUT it is so hard to find nice good quality t-shirts.  They are so often too long, too short, too tight (like the one above), too loose, too baggy, difficult to iron or simply don’t last very long and end up going out of shape after a few washes. 

Last week I went through my drawers to see what I had for the coming summer and sadly many ended up in the bin or ones that I can wear gardening—I didn’t have very many nice “going out” t-shirts.  Even some that I had bought last season no longer looked very nice at all. It really annoys me as they aren’t that cheap either—so if I am going to spend $20 (USA/Aus) for a t-skirts I want it to last at least a few seasons at least, more the better. 

On the weekend I bought three t-shirts, which look nice in the store but I know they are unlikely to last very long.  I also noticed that many of the t-shirts for sale were quite figure hugging and I find they reveal far too much of my shape which I don't really like.
Does anyone else have this problem? 

I find it very frustrating.  I have noticed that my husband’s t-shirts last much longer than mine and don’t tend to go out of shape, maybe it is a conspiracy—to get women to buy more clothes!  I have bought ones that are more expensive “brand names” and still run into trouble with stretch and quality.

Where do you buy your t-shirts?  Have you found somewhere good?  I’m sure I didn’t have these problems 20 years ago. 

And—whilst on the topic of t-shirts, finding ones with nice necklines can also be problems - many are quite low and I'm not overly keen on wearing layers in summer as I find it too hot. 

PS did you know that t-shirts were designed to be worn as an undergarment?  I didn't until I goggled it. They moved into every day outer wear by workman such as miners and stevedores in the late 19th century.  T-shirts, as a slip-on garment without buttons, originally became popular in the United States when they were issued by the U.S. Navy during the Spanish American War.


  1. We all live in T-shirts here. I have all the same problems as you with the quality of them but then with the children, the cheaper brands are okay because they are usually stained, torn or tossed out before they wear out.
    Rarely iron them :-) That has to be a good occasion indeed. Being plump and top heavy, T-shirts are not the best look for me so I use them mainly round the house.

  2. I like longer baggier Ts; we live in them here too. They don't last long but as I rarely leave the island I don't fuss overmuch & wear them till they're worn out.

  3. Ganeida - the ones I keep for gardening and around the house I'm not fussed about but for those I wear to work or to the shops need to look nice and stay in shape - it they can put a man on the moon why can't they make t-shirts that last!!

  4. One place where you can buy t-shirts that last better and are often much more modest, is Damart (you will want to buy them on special as their full price is rather exhorbidant). You can order online or by mail.
    I've also found some really good ones from Big W. Sometimes it's actually the less expensive ones (like Big W) that last best.

  5. My main problem with t-shirts these days is that the necklines are immodest (e.g., too low), or they fit too loose or too tightly around the body. I think t-shirts are "hit and miss." Some days you can find a good one, and then on other days, forget it! :)

  6. Thanks Clara - the Damart catalogue has just arrived in the mail so I will have a look. They are probably made from better quality fabric. I will also have a look in Big W.

  7. Madame Wildflower - couldn't agree more, the necklines can be very low or too tight which means I have to wear something over the top of them - and that isn't any good in summer. Glad to hear that this isn't just an Australian problem.

  8. yea I agree, good t shirts are hard to find. I agree with Clara, look at Big W and possibly Giordano. Big W's tshirts are quite modest, not too low cut etc. Giordano - the material is lovely usually but you need to look through their current styles they have as some might be too tight fitting, I haven't visited one of these shops in ages as after we moved a few years ago there isn't one close enough to visit. The other shop is Katies which often have some good tshirts. Once again haven't visited them in a while either:)

  9. Jo, I buy most of mine from Millers
    They are usually quite pretty and not too form-fitting.
    I love the look of white T-shirts but hate the sheerness of them so I avoid wearing one...unless I can layer it.

  10. Lily-Rose Cottage - I will have a look in Millers. I picked up two nice ones from Rockmans and that will be great for summer and ordered 2 from Damart (I haven't bought from them before so I will be interested in their quality).

    I also also have trouble with white unless they are double layered as they are sometimes from Wombat.


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