The winner is . . .

Dear ladies

Thank you so much for your lovely comments in regards to my handmade tissue holders, I am so glad you liked them.

AND (drum roll)

to the TWO lovely ladies who were randomly picked via (I didn't use Ruby this time as she has a habit off eating or running of with the winning paper) the WINNERS ARE:

Ruby from Mumma's Place


Rosemary from Joyfulmum

I will contact you shortly for details on posting your gift and to confirm which ones you would like.

And dear blogging friends and family, do have a lovely week.
Do you have any plans for the week?
I return to work on Tuesday after a relaxing and productive break.


  1. I kind-of have plans for the week - like I "plan" to go and visit my new neice/nephew when born (if that occurs this week!), and I'd like to get some sewing done. The children would like to go on a little excursion... We'll see! School starts next week, so we must make the most of this week!!

    Have a lovely week, Jo - and a nice relaxing day off today! :)

  2. Ditto, I'm stoked too!!
    This week? I plan to do as much as I can without losing flexibility to do as little as I want to :-)

  3. These are so pretty! I wish I hadn't missed the giveaway!


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