Art Wednesday: Andreas Gurkey

Rhine II (Digitally altered photo of the River Rhine)
by Andreas Gurkey (1999)

The above imagine is the worlds most expensive photograph.

How much did it recently sell for?

Are you sitting down?

If not, you better be.

$4.3 million (US)

Are you ok?

It isn't a small photo - it measures 1.8 metres x 3.6 metres - but is it worth this much? How much would you pay for it?   Previous to this record, the most expensive photograph (below) was taken by Cindy Sherman and was sold by Christies for $3.9 million.

The photo below ( 99 cents II Dipychon), also by Andrea Gurky, was bought for $3.35 million (US) in 2007.

Below are a few more examples of Gurky's work . . . I'm still deciding what I think of them!  For some imagines I feel very cluttered and crowded when I look at them, over populated.  Whereas others, such as the very last imagine, I find much more soothing and calm.

How do they make you feel?

Hong Kong Island
 May Day V, 2006
1996 Prada
Bahrain 2005
Los Angeles
Pyongyang, 2007
Taken in North Korea
Engaden II, 2006
Due to the scale of these two works above - many photographs are used to create the single imagine.

Andrea Gursky was born in 1955 in Germany.



  1. I have to say, I really don't like them!!! :P They are cluttered/busy and most of them are boring, too! Why would someone spend so much money on them, it's ridiculous!!

  2. It's almost impossible to understand why someone would spend so much on a very boring photograph, more money than sense!! And it has been digitally altered as well. I wouldn't put any of these photos of my wall, but I don't mind the skiing photo at the end.

  3. I actually don't mind the very first one. lol But I wouldn't pay that sort of money for it anyway!I don't like the cluttered feel of most of the others ~ or the industrialised feel either.

  4. so many million for a millisecond shot taken with a camera.. how did these people get their money, when they spend it so freely?
    It is a crime when there are so many needy, crying out for a meal or a roof over their heads...
    there are many things in this world that are puzzling..
    like these busy pictures.
    Blessings to you Nell.

  5. hi there Joluise for popping over and sorry dont always comment, often pop over when your posts come up, and so agree with your thoughts on the photos and the others some I can see why they are clever but not the first few.. must away blessing and oh, just found out I won my second ever candy - ago in them so rarely so hardly ever expect to win and there you are!
    And yes love the thought that Jesus is walking with us every moment even when we do not wlk in obedience with Him. We may deny Him but He will never deny us as Timothy said. Must away later than meant already, love Shaz. xx.


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