Art Wednesday: What is todays theme?

The laughing cavalier by Rembrandt, 1624

What is today's theme?
Can you work it out?

And not, it isn't "men" or "males".

Keep guessing!

Seated peasant by Paul Cezanne (Impressionist artist)
Self portrait by Vincent Van Gogh
Grand-son by Boris Dubrov (Russian born Israelie)
Young Lovers by Carl Schroeder (1798-1835, German)
sketch by Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio (1571-1610)
Self portrait by Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641)
Sir Henry Parkes (1892) by Tom Roberts (Australian artist)
Henry Lawson (Australian author and poet) by Lional Lindsay, 1919

Did you guess?
All the paintings are men with facial hair.

And why did I pick this theme, because this month is "Movember" - the month that men around Australia grow facial hair to bring about awareness of prostate cancer and depression amongst men. (link)

Richard Windeyer, 1828 by CR Bone
An early Australian settler (and barrister) who died at the young age of 41 from illness and overwork.
Photography of a man with a beard

This was inspired by the latest exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (Canberra) called "Jo's Mo Show" (sounds like a show I have put on!!!) that includes many paintings and photographs of men and their facial hair.  It is well worth checking out this link as it describes all the different styles of facial hair over the centuries.



  1. I guessed it!! :) I have to say, some styles of facial hair are just plain ugly (IMO)!!

  2. Clara - I couldn't agree more! Did you visit the link with all the different styles? I assume men thought these made them look handsome once-upon-a-time! It is interesting to see how the styles have changed over time. I did like Henry Lawsons facial hair :)

  3. I guessed too ~ but then I own a man with facial fungi! I do not like mos, beards, goatees, sideburns or any of the other strange apendages men choose to grow on their faces!

  4. That is interesting that they do that to build awareness. I did not realize there were so many styles of growing out facial hair. I think I'll want hubby with a long beard when he retires but not yet.


    Mrs. A

  5. Yes, I did look at the link with all the styles, Jo - and most of them are awful! The only way I like facial hair is the way Dan has his - in fact he never had any until I asked him to grow his just how it is. After he did, we both liked it and he's kept it like that ever since!! :)

  6. I actually love nice beards!
    My hubby is thinking of shaving his mo and goatee off for Movember.
    Which is a real shock as he's passionately attached to the mo!
    We've known each other for 39 years and I've never seen his upper lip, lol!!
    I doubt he'll go through with it - but it would so interesting to see what he looks like without the facial hair!


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