My kitchen tour

I don't like clutter, it stresses me out! However in the kitchen I like to have some things close by as it makes cooking easier.  So I have been looking around for something that would centralise the "clutter" and leave the benches as free as possible.  A few week ago in the Innovation catalogue I found just what I was looking for.  It arrived last week and my DH and son put it together for me and I think it look good!!

I am thrilled with these little shelves where I can store my fruit, small kitchen utensils, measure cups (white Russian dolls!) etc.. it works beautiful and keeps everything up off the counters.  

For Mothers Day this year my youngest son gave me the red and white "ladybird" tea set and until now I have had nowhere nice to display it - this is perfect.  However, as you can see, the milk jug has become a vase and I am keeping the salt in the sugar bowl and my mug now holds my kitchen utensils. Nevertheless, I love it dearly because my son gave it to me as a gift and doesn't the jug look gorgeous with those roses in it. 

This is the view looking towards to window and sink. The counters are now free of "clutter" and more room to work in, making it all very easy to clean after cooking. I leave the stand mixer out as it is simply too heavy to lift in and out of a cupboard.

This is the view looking the other way.  DH's sausages are cooking nicely! 

This is a complete view of my kitchen.  It isn't big but is perfect for me. In the other corner that you can just see is where I keep clutter that can't be seen as you walk into the kitchen, such as the kettle, toaster, bread etc.. And hanging on the wall are the different sized drainer/sieves, quick to reach but tucked out of the way.

Some people have a corner in their house for their children's play toys.  My sons are all grown up, but I still have a "corner" - this is for Ruby.  As you can see in the photo below, it contains her climbing equipment, kitty litter "house" and hidden from view, her food and water.  She also has a rug to lie on as well.  Once upon a time the kitchen table stood in this space, then Ruby arrived . . . need I say more.

The buffet is for "stuff" that DH has likes to toss on the shelf but after I took the photo above I thought it needed to be cleaned up as it didn't really look that nice. So on Saturday I went to my local dollar shop and picked up these nice boxes and now all that "stuff" is hidden away.

And that is the end of my kitchen tour! I hope you enjoyed it.



  1. It's lovely, Jo! Those corner shelves are excellent for keeping things handy but tidy and out of the way! :) It must be really nice to have so much bench space to work on! :)

  2. Your kitchen looks fabulous, Jo!
    It's so nice and clean and sparkly and your decorative touches are lovely :-)
    The ladybug teaset is sweet and I agree - the jug looks pretty with your beautiful roses in it!
    The corner shelves are a great idea and they look just right.
    Ruby is obviously one well-loved cat lol!
    I love your dollar boxes on the dresser too.
    Another great idea!
    I enjoyed your kitchen tour -thanks for showing us around.
    bless you..Trish

  3. Lovely. I can't abide clutter on my counter tops either! I don't care where it goes, or how messy the cupboards are but I like my tops clutter free so I can cook unimpeded. I hate it enough. I don't need the stree of having no room to do anything. Love the lady bugs! Your son has nice taste.

  4. Love the picture of Ruby sitting in the wok. Little does she know how dangerous that would be in some places! Ha. :-)

    Good on the idea of de-cluttering the buffet. It looks so nice with the boxes, flowers, fruit, etc. I desperately need to work on de-cluttering around our house, and any inspiration I can get is welcome! :-)

  5. You have a lovely kitchen Jo. That is a handy little shelf and it looks so pretty with your lovelies on there. The ladybug set is so cute!

    Since having my new benches put in, I keep them clutter free, it is so much easier not to have "stuff" getting in the way when you are busy...

  6. Hi Jo- you are so well organized- that must be such a great feeling! Your little corner shelves are perfect! And yes-- the little ladybug tea set is fabulous!

    Your kitchen looks so spacious- I am totally jealous.
    (I wonder how I could organize all my stuff?)
    Great job!!

  7. thank you for allowing us a glimpse of your kitchen, with five children still in my home It is a very rare moment that my kitchen bench tops are as sparkling as yours.. but this too one day shall pass. and I am enjoying my mess while I still have an excuse for it..
    I can see that ruby is spoiled, My cat has started using her climbing apparatus we purchased her one when we first got her and she refused to use it. since she went missing and returned home we purchased her another and lo and behold, she has now decided she loves it..funny creatures.
    I love the gift box idea for putting bits and pieces in,I will have to try this one myself
    Blessings to you.

  8. You certainly have a beautiful kitchen! I LOVE the marble counter tops, and those little shelves in the corner are a great idea for storing items. The ladybug tea set is adorable as well! :)

    Oh, I like the cat climber, too. I think my cats would have way too much fun with that, ha, ha!

  9. I really enjoyed looking around in your kitchen Jo . I wish I could say mine was as nice as yours. I know this is a season and am enjoying it mess and all :) btw I agree those roses look beautiful in that Milk jug.

  10. I will have to tell my son how much you all liked his ladybird set - he was tickled pink that I can now display it somewhere nice. And he didn't mind I was using the milk jug as a vase!!

  11. Very nice! I was intrigued to see your small fridge. Like most Americans, we have a full size. I used to think this was "normal" until I began watching British tv, and saw small fridges all over. Do most Australians have the small size, as you do?

  12. Hi Val, I have a full size (upside down) fridge that is just out of view. What you can see is the small freezer. I couldn't live without my large fridge and I have never understood how the British do! You see them in all those British TV shows and I am as intrigued as you!


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