Wednesday Art: Kieron Williamson

Artist: Kieron Williamson

I want you to have a look at these paintings and enjoy them before I tell you about the artist. 

Kieron was born in in 2002 and is nine years old.  Take another look at these paintings, amazing for such a young boy.  By the age of six Kieron's talent was being recognised by the media and by 2009 and at his second exhibition his paintings sold out in 14 minutes, raising a total of £18,200 for 16 paintings.  A subsequent exhibition in July 2010 saw his paintings all sold within 30 minutes, at a total value of £150,000.  At the beginning of November 2010, the family revealed that they may re-locate to Cornwall to further Kieron's painting. 

According to his website (link) Kieron divides his time between his art, football and playing his games console, in between going to school and doing all the normal things other boys his age do.  His commitment to his art sees him getting up 6am each day before school, spending every available minute with other artists, learning new techniques and skills.

This is one artist I would like to revisit in 10 years and see what he is up to at the age of 19.



  1. What amazing talent! I wonder if he will stick at it, or lose his way in teen years, like some "early bloomers" do??

  2. Wow! What a gift he has! I am so impressed - thank you for sharing this today. I am going to be sharing it with my children for school tomorrow :)

  3. wow, what a gifted young boy, that is truly amazing!

  4. Hi Jo-
    This is such an amazing story- nine years old!- I can hardly believe such talent for this young boy. These paintings are incredible- his pictures have such depth. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and this incredible story!

  5. Lovely to be able to show my children something like that. In fact they have been drawing all night on sketches and they would be so inspired by this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow. His paintings are so amazing! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  7. Thanks, Jo. He has lovely technique for one so young. Beautiful!


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